Andhra Pradesh, stoned

By T S Sudhir

Andhra Pradesh slipped into the stone age on Friday. The laboratory of this modern-day Jurassic Park was Mahbubabad railway station in the eastern part of Warangal district where quite of few hundreds (some said 300, some guessed 2000), demonstrated effectively that they had not quite evolved.

Their hunger for bloodshed and appetite to maim and hurt their political opponents came to the fore as a shower of stones picked up from the railway tracks derailed those on platform number 1. The size of the stones, the perfect weapon, symbolising hatred, venom, ruthlessness and vandalism. Their targets retaliated with bullets.

The anger of these so-called pro-Telangana protestors was directed at Jaganmohan Reddy, YSR’s son and the MP from Kadapa, a constituency in non-Telangana Rayalaseema. Jagan was to arrive at Mahbubabad railway station on the first leg of his Warangal tour, to meet and console families who had lost a relative reportedly unable to bear the shock of YSR’s death last year.

Jagan’s opposition to bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh is like a red rag to the Telangana bull. So visit Warangal, he must not, declared Telangana politicians. In a way, that was taking this region back to the period between 15 August 1947 & 17 September 1948, when Nizam’s Hyderabad (largely present-day Telangana) was not part of independent India.

“Does he need a visa to visit Telangana? Is it not part of India? How can anyone stop anyone from travelling to any part of India?” asked angry Jagan supporters. On the face of it, a logical question.

“We are stopping him because he thinks he is too smart. On the pretext of consoling the families, Jagan is trying to make a political statement. He had only a political motive,” is the retort of the scholarly Prof Kodandaram, convenor of the Telangana Joint Action Committee. His detractors accuse him of being a HMV (as in His Master’s Voice, the master being K Chandrasekhar Rao of the Telangana Rashtra Samiti). Byelections to the assembly seats that TRS MLAs resigned are due in August. And Jagan cannot be allowed to mobilise crowds and then use those images to rubbish the Telangana sentiment.

Telangana votaries also ask why Jagan should visit only those who committed suicide for YSR. “Let him also visit those who killed themselves for Telangana.” In this despicable bragging about `I have as many suicides in my kitty as you, if not more’ tug-of-war, those who died are mere statistics, used merely for political one-upmanship.

If Jagan had only deferred his trip, knowing fully well that the situation was tense, peace in Andhra Pradesh would not have been threatened once again. Common people would not have been subjected to yet another nightmare of bomb threats and violence. Passengers travelling on the Intercity Express that Jagan boarded from Secunderabad on Friday morning were livid that they were being put to such hardship. The train was stopped at Wangapalli station for nearly four hours and did not move till Jagan was offloaded.

Jagan’s argument is that he is doing it for his late father, a promise he made at his grave at Idupulapaya in Kadapa district. That it is not a Congress party tour, for Veerappa Moily to pick up the phone and issue instructions.

“You travelled with me when I started this tour in Khammam district,” he told me yesterday evening. “Did you see me making a single political speech there? All I did was to meet 54 families and unveil some 80 statues of my dad. Similary here, I had no intention of saying anything political.” The point being made is that when Khammam is also part of Telangana, why did KCR not stop Jagan there. The Kadapa MP’s camp alleges it is because the huge crowds that came to greet Jagan in Khammam rattled KCR and a repeat performance in Warangal could have helped YSR’s son knock out the TRS leader with a son-stroke.

When Jagan made a pitch for the CM’s chair after his father’s death in September last year, his overeager supporters cited the precedent of an inexperienced Rajiv Gandhi succeeding Indira Gandhi in similar tragic circumstances in 1984. Jagan should have known in the Congress culture, such comparisons are simply not acceptable.

That is perhaps why no comparisons were drawn between Jagan’s proposed Warangal yatra and what Rahul Gandhi did in Mumbai, visiting the city despite the Shiv Sena’s threats to stop him. There of course the `PM-in-waiting’ had the support and the might of the entire Maharashtra government with him, unlike Jagan who seems to have opened up several fronts at the same time, including powerful groups within the Congress regime that don’t exactly see him as a friend.

A senior Congress leader from Telangana, who till the other day, won’t stop singing paens to YSR, told me two days back. “You know, Jagan does not mention Madam or Rahul Gandhi’s name at any of his meetings. How can that be acceptable?” Clearly, to move up the Congress ladder, Y S Jaganmohan Reddy needs to realise his middle name should be `Sycophant’.

And since he is not seen to be possessing the typical DNA of a Congresswala, rumours that his days in the grand old party are numbered, are doing the rounds for the last two weeks. His close confidants say he does not want to leave but that if a group of Congressmen in Hyderabad and Delhi continue to make life difficult for him, it will leave him with few options.

The Congress already has Plan B in place. If Jagan exits his dad’s party, the Congress will cosy up to Chiranjeevi. The courtship has been on for several months now, though under wraps, and Rosaiah for one, would certainly want to bring Chiru home. `Congress ka haath, Megastar ke saath’. Atleast the wily Congressmen would be able to make Chiranjeevi, known to be a fantastic dancer, dance to their tunes unlike a Jagan, who always looks out of step.

Does all this make Jagan feel like an Abhimanyu? Always in the vortex of a storm, much of it his own making. With epithets like egoistic and selfish thrown at him, this businessman-turned-politician has not been able to strike the right deals with those who matter. The last nine months have demonstrated that takeovers are always messy and there is many a slip between the cup and the lip when it comes to inheriting the throne.

“He should be patient like Rahul,” a Congress leader told me. “Or atleast learn from the mistakes his dad committed by taking on the likes of PV Narasimha Rao, Kotla Vijaybhaskar Reddy and N Janardhan Reddy in the 90s, earning for himself the tag of the perennial rebel and a troublemaker.” It was only after 1999 that a more sober and mature YSR endeared himself to New Delhi.

But while Jagan mulls his political future, Telangana politicians rejoice over their success in blocking his entry into their `territory’. This will have dangerous repurcussions. Today it is Jagan, yesterday it was Chandrababu Naidu, tomorrow it could be Chiranjeevi and the day after perhaps Rosaiah. Even you, me, anyone. Filmstars belonging to the coastal Andhra region have had their shoots disrupted by TRS activists. Even roadside eateries sporting `Andhra meals ready’ boards have not been spared.

Justice Srikrishna and his committee has time till December to consider the tricky issue of whether Telangana should or should not be formed. Till that happens, the likes of KCR, who warned that Warangal district will turn into a warzone if Jagan set foot on it, cannot be allowed to draw a Wagah border between Hyderabad and Warangal.


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26 Responses to Andhra Pradesh, stoned

  1. Serenity Stupidity says:

    Excellent skillful writing. Any scrupulous soul from AP reading this, would have to listen the underline cry-out, as to how the Politicians are with Impunity hijacking the T-Issue/Peace/Development. But, having observed the situation for months, and in general observing the trends of Indian Society….I feel that there is a STRONG reason why such politics/politicians are prospering : the people. The people, whether ignorant, and/or thinking about “own” “benefits”, are in a way providing Moral Patronage to such politics. If nothing, At least at the voting level we can see the GLARING truth : Voting takes place strictly driven by Money,Caste,Religion. And, it is NOT about T/No-T. It is true for entire India. Then why blame the Politics/Politicians/Lawless “Agitators” ? . And, Commenting on the situation purely from a Law and Order point of view, please think once : If u , me , or any one goes to any station, even as “remote” as mehboobabad, and pelts stones , the dangerous ones from the railway tracks, then what would happen ? WITHOUT DOUBT, no matter how less the police force, how “meak” “hapless” be the common ppl, 2 things wud sure happen : 1. Enlightened “citizens” , would attack, and we cud even be lynched. 2. Some hero policeman would drag us by collar and provide “Police Treatment”. MOBOCRACY. So whatever we do in india , as a mob , can be done. And when there is “Social” “Sanction” for such acts with the background being a Statehood Issue, and the Police cant dare “Offend” any party, such “Private Settlements” , cannot be avoided…..Reflections of Khaap Panchayats ? And NONE of my comments are about the Telangana Issue. Actually, the very fact that I am being forced to Issue a clarification that I am not opposed to Telangana State, shows the current environ….But then let me present the OTHER side. I have berated Mobocracy…But then , a few months back, I remember how U and Uma were lamenting as to how Agitating students in Hyderabad, felt that Destruction of Buses/Private property was the only way to convey their feelings…..But please lets Introspect…Isnt it the TRUTH , that in our Great “Democracrtic” Set up, ONLY violence, “Agitations”, Destruction of property, “attracts” Attention ? Do the GOVT and MEDIA “LISTEN” otherwise ? And Hence, DESPITE the fact that once the Telangana State is formed and then no one cud again listen to the woes/lack of development in the region, ppl of Telangana, have no option but to “support” the “cause”……But few of the these “Supporters” actually can come out/ come out…..rather provide “Moral” “Backing” to Mobocracy…..This is the REALITY of our Democracy..And its the REALITY for any other cause In India….

  2. If there is an exact antonym to the idiom, ‘one-upmanship’ in English, that would perfectly suit the situation for a large section of media, which has been avowedly campaigning against YSR and espousing the cuase of CBN for reasons that are ‘all-too-well-known’, is also ‘cast’ing its shadow on Jagan.

    The charges being levelled against Jagan are not exclusive to him alone and those levelling these charges too face similiar ones, though there is a degree of difference in profiles.

    Of all, Congress leaders are in the forefront in spewing venom. And, what would they do if their Madam decides to allow Jagan to become the Chief Minister (which is, of course, almost impossible in the foreseeable future) is not beyond anybody’s guess.

    Poor CBN’s voice in the political melee disappeared in the thin air, thanks to ‘lack of clarity’ in whatever he always said and says.

    As far as Mahbubabad incidents are concenred, why did it all happen there when Jagan was still at Wangapalli? anybody’s guess, I trust.

    KCR , who has never uttered a word against Jagan so far, is crying hoarse. No issues with that too, given his frequent switching of alliances — as we cannot call them loyalties.

    But the Congress MPs from are making all kinds of statements. And, the ‘low-command’ in ‘high demand’ remains a mute spectator, leaving everything to the ‘high-command’.

    While they are challenging if anybody can win by resigning on their own, I can say — despite my scepticism to the antics and angularities of politicians in general, Jagan can and also get a couple of MPs or more elected.

    None of these Congress MPs from Telangana can get elected for sure on their own.

    YSR gave a definition to ‘on his own or on their own’ — “Victory or defeat…the responsibiity is mine.”

    Owners of some political parties too cannot make a similar statement before going to polls. Call it audacity or confidence, winning an election “on their/my/his own” was clearly defined in 2009 elections — which occurred amidst all the existing demands.

    And… a word about the ‘media-projected seniors’….How is seniority ascribed to them is a billion-dollar question. For, one of those maverick seniors contested one and only Assembly election without knowing the contours of the constituency from where he is seeking an election. The constituents are intelligent and he was booted (voted) out.

    And, preventing a constitionally and popularly elected Member of Parliament from travelling for whatever purpose in any part of the territory of India is illegal. Let the authorities and ‘high’ and ‘low’ commands not be deliberately blind to this fact.

    Expecting Jagan to go and console those committed suicides for the cause of Telangana is too much. That is the headache of Congress MPs, Kakas, KKs, and Hanumantha Raos.

    Has anybody noticed sudden silence of VHR, who is almost certain of getting an RS re-nomination? That is Congress.

    And…I am sorry…instead confining myself to commenting the article, I went too far beyond. No doubt, Sudheer’s was a picture-perfect analysis. Yes we were moved to stone-age.

  3. chandrashekar says:

    Dear Uma, Sudheer,

    Excellent article, thank you..

    So called telengana senior congress leaders are unable to digest the rise of Jagan, once they forced congress high command to do a mistake (Chidarambaram statement on telengana) by giving false information, again same thing is going on now by whispering in Delhi(Jagan floating new party on sep 2nd 2010). Congress is away from ground reality, now its advantage TDP (pity)..

    Hope Jagan will come out of congress instead bearing humiliation..

  4. Messenger says:

    YSR — We are Winning! Am responsible for, for any Loss. (Pre-elections 2009)

    “Here are the excerpts from Atilla Movie”

    Congress HC, LC::::

    we won!
    it worked!! we won!! it was eeeeeassyyy!!!


    Hhhhh, do u think damn it easy ?
    do u think it’s easy?? damn!!!,
    you have no idea, have you?

    Heinous Stupid Headoff.

    ofcourse we won,
    if we hadn’t??
    you would be crawling back to whatever far I have told for

    do u think all this is a miracle? an act?

    you are a travelling a circus not an army

    its not that easy
    its planned, carefully planned and executed.

  5. Ms. R says:

    Since the death of YSR the centre has been making one wrong move after the other. It looks like they do not have a clue abt the happenings in AP as the departed leader had made it easy for them by handling all prickly issues in the state efficiently, but modestly never claiming any credit for the same, allowing the party to show case it as its achievement.
    However, the central leadership has shown a callously ungrateful attitude by trying every trick in the book to show Jagan his place.But it is a case of ‘cutting your nose to spite your face’ , which the so called High Command does not seem to understand. By scuttling Jagan’s chances they are only weakening the party in the state. By issuing a party diktat to Jagan to stop his yatra the high command just played into the hands of the separatists who are bent on dividing the state for their own selfish ends. How can the Congress party allow a bunch of goons to hold the state to ransom and issue orders on who should travel where? Instead of standing by Jagan the party allows the state govt to arrest him and gloss over the violence in Mahabubabad.
    We in our family have been staunch followers of the Congress party for decades, but now it pains me to say that we will be rethinking our options in the next elections as will most others who are totally disillusioned by the recent events.

  6. RK says:

    Central Govt is using an extremely callous attitude w.r.t Jagan

    YSR showed so much loyalty,respect and full fledged/unquestionalble support to the High Command and Gandhi Dynasty. But High Command is now listening to the likes of KK and Renuka Chowdary and brutally suppressing YSR legacy.

    It has to be noted that BackStabbing and treachery may have short term benefits
    the way YSR legacy is being brutally crushed, it will come back to haunt each and every person involved.


  7. Vishnu Gopal says:

    What logic is being applied to questioning Y.S.Jagan’s right to tour any city in any state in India? The fact that this topic has been allowed to play out in this fashion is an embarrassment to all those who believe India is a secular democracy. In a pluralistic society like India. This is virtually a suppression tactic akin to what one might encounter in North Korea, China or even Iran. Why should we as Indians condone such blatant lack of respect for public opinion? Y.S.Jagan’s father died under tragic circumstances, while we are all being persuaded that this was no more than a tragic accident, we should not have to take sides on an issue that should be a non-issue to begin with. Y.S.Jagan is a sitting MP, he has some political and conscientious obligations to visit homes of people who allegedly died of shock when YSR passed away, why would consoling them be a political statement and not simply a civil gesture? It appears that any action undertaken by Y.S.Jagan is going to be reprimanded and criticized, he can sit in an office all day and conduct business and he could be accused of being uncaring, he can make attempts to meet with constituents who have been die-hard fans of his father’s and that’s a reason for unnecessary bitterness and rancour?! Who are the protestors? The same KCRs of the world and those of his ilk in the Congress, TD, etc, who are so afraid YSR’s charisma is well entrenched in his son and that he will likely be the only viable leader in any political party in perhaps all of South India. Comparisons with Rahul Gandhi are lame, Y.S. Jagan is a force to be reckoned with in his own right and Rahul Gandhi, while possessing some personal merit, is more a result of historical Congress sycophancy than for outstanding political prowess. So let people look at the facts in its face before they cast aspersions on Y.S.Jagan, in this instance it definitely resonates something I learned in second grade, ‘if you point your finger at your neighbor, there are two more pointing back at you’… whenever KCR tries to get mileage out of Y.S.Jagan’s popularity by accusing him of something, things tend to backfire on him, let’s just hope they backfire enough to obliterate him altogether.

  8. chandu says:

    if only Jagan had deferred his tour until things are settled down a bit – but he didn’t. is that his misjudgment or his over-zeal. Why visit and console those after 7 months or so and why take 2000+ people with him, making an expense out of Govt security and many others. Did he wanted to show off/case something here?????

    what you opined is perfectly true – “If Jagan had only deferred his trip, knowing fully well that the situation was tense, peace in Andhra Pradesh would not have been threatened once again. Common people would not have been subjected to yet another nightmare of bomb threats and violence. Passengers traveling on the Intercity Express that Jagan boarded from Secunderabad on Friday morning were livid that they were being put to such hardship. The train was stopped at Wangapalli station for nearly four hours and did not move till Jagan was offloaded.”

  9. Messenger says:

    Dear chandu,

    Jagan is not feeling those families as separate from his won family.

    Am being here in Manchester for the last 4 years and I have not been able to see any one in my family atleast through web cam. They live in my native village back in India and even they could not take and send any of their photographs as both of my parents are unable to do that even after my repeated requests. (No internet or No overseas postal service, near to my village). Even I have no friends who can do that for me.

    That is the same plight those families are living in.

    Jagan as a God given son to them, NOT ONLY wanted to go there, but he want to see their living conditions, any of their problems, console them, comfort them, bring CONFIDENCE , COURAGE and HOPE to lead rest of the life without their lost family member.

    HUMANITY MATTERS. And we need a Human touch, Those families need a human touch.

    Can I think since I didn’t see my parents for the last 4 yrs, so our relation is LOST? so 7 or 9 months does not matter here.

    And if people really dont like to see him and receive him there, he will be deserted and we can see the same in media. Can’t WE?



  10. Naveen says:

    Paid propoganda to undermine Telangana cause. UMA where were you when students were not allowed to take rally from osmania university under law and order problem, when there is a law and order problem how can jagan take a rally, i am pretty sure he is building his base for the coveted CM ship in the guise of “odarpu” .Telangana formation will end the rule of factionalism of Rayalseemaites and put an end to exploitation of andhraites

  11. Daniel says:

    I would like to say well articulated article, however this is single person or a sections’ view to the Jagan’s Mehaboobabad issue or to the behavior of Pro-Telanganites.

    Please answer! If someone is hurting the sentiments of your family, will you welcome him to your house or will you allow him if he makes a forceful entry into your house? Same thing is happening here in Telangana.

    Person or group who represents this article does not understand as they don’t want to place themselves in the shoes of Telanganites.

    There are so many corrections to the author’s bird’s eye vision especially in the below line:

    “the likes of KCR, who warned that Warangal district will turn into a warzone if Jagan set foot on it, cannot be allowed to draw a Wagah border between Hyderabad and Warangal.”

    No one is drawing a Wagah border between Hyderabad and Warangal, because Hyderabad is very much part of Telangana and Telanganites are only interested to draw a simple line to its borders.

    I had immense respect for the author, however after reading this article I’m really disappointed.

  12. Hero says:

    Telangana Argument is ” A Metal Sickness”..

    There is no freedom of expression in Telangana Region..These ppl are sucking the democratic rights of the ppl..

    These people dont want follow the constitution and democracy.

  13. Hero says:

    Congress is doing vote bank politics agin to charge against KCR and Kodandaram.
    Govt is just filing the cases and not taking any actions against them for their provacating speeches.

    The kind of speeches these both are giving definitely undemocratic and illegal.

    These ppl are behaving like these are exception to law.

  14. Sid says:

    1. Students from Telangana region are not allowed to conduct Vidhyarthi Garjana at OU capmus
    2. Sushma Swaraj does not get permission or is not allowed to participate in Telangana Meeting
    3. People are not allowed to take a death procession of a student
    4. Telangana doctors are not allowed to conduct Vydhula Garjana in their region ie Telangana.

    and many more…

    still u think we Telangana people are wrong in opposing the Jagans yatra?

    Telangana never said that he cannot do the yatra … it only said its not the right time to go on yatra

    Y not right time.. is ur question … well u know it.

    Jagan is spending about 70 lakhs to offer to the families of deceased… but the Govt is spending about 20 crores to see off his Yatra.

    Whats ur answer.

    Jai Telangana!

  15. R Reddy says:

    “Andhra Pradesh stoned & Bulleted” You should have mention this as heading to your so called article.
    The first thing is Iam not sure all the people they are claiming died because of shock after YSR death.
    As a common man with common sense im asking why Jagan need publicity to console those families,why he want to prove his strength in the name of consolation tour by conducting meeting and rallies,why does he want so much private army with him.
    If his real intention is to console the effected families he can go and visit those families with out publicity.
    Or else he can call those families to his place. By doing this can save govt money and can give much money to those families instead of spending on private army.
    and how the people of telangana welcome him to tour telangana, as they know Jagan is against their wishes.
    Now some people talking about democracy,secular, modern age, etc…where were these so called constitution protectors, when police brutally attacked students in Osmania Univesity,when there was no permission to conduct rally and sushma swaraj’s meeting.

  16. Shanti Swarup says:

    Our country is on such an impressive growth trajectory, our state was on such a fabulous growth path until YSR’s demise, how can splitting our state along regional lines help? Any split in the state will drive a wedge within family members. It is highly irresponsible to condone separatist philosophies. Telangana, Andhra, Rayalaseema, all these regions need to embrace all the opportunities available for growth. India’s own infrastructure demands and the needs of a large, educated populace will offer enough reasons for growth. Someone like Jagan exemplifies the most important Indian demographic today, the 25 to 40 somethings, who have a way to connect with the masses and energize them to bring about good. The Congress should be doing itself a favor and should leverage from his energy, enterprise and intelligence, if the Congress shoots itself in the foot over this issue, they will end up being crippled.

  17. Hero says:

    Central Govt and State Govt is not able to control KCR and his speeches.

    Why we need this Govt…???

  18. vinay says:

    Dear sudhir,

    your article gives one dimensional perspective on Jagan’s yatra, but it does not throw light on the fact that , both Jagan and his late father were staunch opponents of Telangana state. YSR unfortunately amassed huge wealth in Telanagana region (Hyderabad ) and made local MLAs as his stooges and even threatned to resign incase Telanagana state is formed.

    in the same vein when the formation of seperate state was announced, Jagan aligned with real estate MPs of coastal region to oppose this move.

    In this whole , how can you compare a 6o yr struggle for seperate statehood with people with background of political biting in the name of yatra.

    I pray to God , let good sense prevail among leaders like Jagan and Journalists like you , while equally respecting people’s choices in a democracy ! instead of forcible imposing through empty rehtoric and yatras!

  19. Thankyou all very much for taking time out to read the blog and post your comments and feedback. However, since some of you seem to have misunderstood the point that I was trying to make, let me take this opportunity to clarify …

    1. This is a blog … and not a biography of Jagan or YSR or KCR … I have written many blogs before this … so all points about the principal players cannot be made / reiterated everytime.

    2. Vinay prays to God to let good sense prevail on journalists like me. I thank you for your prayers … but where were voters like you when Telangana brought in 12 Congress MPs … just a year ago. Didn’t you know then that YSR was “a staunch opponent of Telangana state”. Why didn’t the voters give 100 assembly seats atleast to the Mahakutami … After all, the combine was openly for Telangana. But it was Cong that ended up getting 51 seats. I am no supporter of YSR or Jagan or the Congress … but the facts are there for you to see and analyse. Everytime KCR resigned and recontested, his winning margin came down. Why? For all his other faults, he was all said and done, the prinicipal votary of Telangana struggle for the last 10 years. Why the diminishing support?

    3. I have nothing for or against the bifurcation of AP. But yes, I have a problem with the politics of violence. It is ironical and in fact sad that a country that got independence prinicipally through the path of non-violence now hopes to carve out a state within the Indian union through violence. I have seen how terrified passengers on that Kerala-bound train were when it was at Mahbubabad rly station … caught in the crossfire …between stones and bullets. If any of them was hit by a stone or a bullet … who would take responsibility?

    4. My blog is an appeal against this kind of violence … and encouraging the statistics of suicides. Life, you would agree with me, is much more precious than that. Anyone’s life …irrespective of region and religion and caste.

    5. Yes, everyone expects Jagan to act responsible and not have undertaken the yatra because situation was tense … I have said so in so many words … His argument is it was a question of his credibility … Telangana votaries say he is not welcome. Is this the India we want to live in … where more and more walls are created., dividing people of the same country …

    After all, don’t all of us cheer for the same Sachin Tendulkar, Vishy Anand and A R Rahman …


    • Serenity Stupidity says:

      Dear Tss,

      May God bless you with Serenity and a bouquet of Sunflowers.
      Keep smiling just the way you do, in your FaceBook pp.

      Only the Timid stay back at the shore and watch.
      The timid cannot be entrusted with the care of freedom.

      I must bite for tongue, for requesting you sometimes, to keep replying to people !

  20. mallesh khatraj says:

    People who show sympathy to jagan for his yarta are fools….If he is really corcern for the families which he feels that they laid down their lives for his father….( suprisingly there were less causalities in rayalaseem compared to other dist…..especially cuddapah..single digit…) he doesnt need to announce dates before a month and arrage programmes in his controlled media(sakshi..tv5…ntv)…he can directly go thier houses and can complete all 500-600 families with a span of month….

    But he wanna to cash those deaths for his political milage…he wanna see crowds, gatherings…he wanna publicity …withoout publicity he wont spent a single paise..he wanna to show his strength to central govt….he doent have any sympathy for those families…if he rteally had..he would continue his yatra in srikakulam soon as the yatra cancelled in warangal….



  21. Daniel says:

    Dear Mr. Sudhir,

    Mr. Vinay has made a point that your article gives one-dimensional perspective on Jagan’s yatra. And your strong response to it defending your point is unnecessary.

    It’s like opening a can of worms…

    Your Point # 1:

    … but where were voters like you when Telangana brought in 12 Congress MPs … just a year ago. Didn’t you know then that YSR was “a staunch opponent of Telangana state”. Why didn’t the voters give 100 assembly seats atleast to the Mahakutami … After all, the combine was openly for Telangana.

    My Point:

    YSR also promised to give Telangana. May be some intellectuals would understand that he is a staunch opponent of Telangana state, but think of the thousands of inncoent people of telangana who are voting? Added to it we have our Voting Machines which are unrealiable and most believe that it’s a big fraud.

    Your Point # 2:
    “My blog is an appeal against this kind of violence”

    My Point:
    After all JFK is not a fool to say…

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. – John F. Kennedy

    This perspective was not looked into in your blog… so there nothing wrong in anybody saying things like one-dimensional article or praying for good sense to prevail in the journalist’s community.

    PS: Nothing personal against you…

  22. Daniel says:

    Mr. Sudhir,

    Its surprising that you have deleted my comment which was posted today at 12:24PM! That was a rude behavior from you. Can you please explain what was wrong in my comment that you had to delete it?

    I dint use abusive, racial or personal comments. I, with full respect explained my view to your strong response.

    It looks like you have become so defensive after this article.

    Now, If you have felt that my comment doesn’t make sense, then you would have replied to me and let the readers judge it.

    I look at this as a suppression and every Telanganite is facing this some or the other way every day.

    PLEASE! do not delete this one, but you can reply!!!

  23. Daniel says:

    sory, looks like i misjudged, i take back my previous comment on deleting!

  24. Bhaskar says:

    Good reply from the people of Mahabubabad..they showed how intense the Telangana issue was….

  25. srujan says:

    Good reply by the people of Telangana,……………..

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