Hit the son-in-law before the son?

By Uma Sudhir

Is Rosaiah’s innings as chief minister of Andhra Pradesh being mined or is it a case of the Congress itself mining Jagan’s political career? Is it the first of the many skeletons that are likely to tumble out of the Congress government cupboard? What is more worrying is how powerful mining lobbies are virtually running governments in different states today … be it Karnataka, Jharkhand or perhaps even AP.


(video of my story on NDTV on whether YSR’s son-in-law is being used for target practise before hitting Jagan)


About t s sudhir & uma sudhir

Uma Sudhir and T S Sudhir are senior journalists, based in Hyderabad. Both work for NDTV. Uma is a Tamilian, who was educated in
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3 Responses to Hit the son-in-law before the son?

  1. Serenity Stupidity says:

    Dear Uma,

    I commend you, for having the courage, to talk about the mining lobbies and their looting of the states. I was happy to see you fresh, in that white outfit, after the Chattisgad report. But alas, journos like you, seem to be the only ray of hope. All else, seems dark clouds. Life seems to have completed a ( mini ) circle for the YSR family. From YSR “reigning in” KSR thru the human trafficking business issue, to the Lord Shankar Rao roaring about not hurting Nehru-Gandhi “image”. Hapless “citizens” like me are left cringing , as to how many more circles , are going to be enacted out…with the lurking idea in mind, all dust may get settled thru “mutual settlements”, as it happens in India. Congress in Karnataka, is waging a freedom struggle against the Reddy brothers, but it sounds funny that a very strong congress family-government in AP, is seemingly the epicentre, but no one hardly talks about it. Whichever way, I Salute you and Sudhir, in this state where YSR and Jagan are demi-gods, you tow continue Fiercely Unbiased Journalism. And brace up, to be targetted by, all kind of Pro-Jagan, Anti-Jagan, Pro-Telangana,Anti-Telangana groups… I am running out of humor at the way the common public in this state is allowing themselves to be proved idiots, but not leaving any chance to castigate souls like you. This is not seem my home state anymore.

  2. Mady says:

    one point to be observed in the whole fiasco is YSR and family didn’t come up in politics because of the reddy brothers of bellary and visa versa. illegal mining is a problem where there is abundance of minerals. Before the reddy brothers came up in bellary there were modis who are from congress who were very strong mining lords. This whole strategy by congress only exposes its hypocrisy. It is not a good practice to link jagan with galis for everything and anything that happens in the state. from the time ysr died, due to inability of rossaiah things have taken an ugly turn. It has become regular practice of media to blame jagan or somehow fit his name for whatever happens in the state. By doing so one is only bringing him more sympathy rather than doing harm to him which is the actual motive.

  3. srikanth says:

    Exactly true Mady…
    Anything that happens in state is tied to jagan.. this is so unfortunate.. it just shows the insecurity of the opposition as well as some oldies in congress itself. I am not saying here Jagan is a saint here. Opposition is running out of ideas and at any cost they don’t want strong leader in congress…

    Whereever there is wealth, politicians will have eyes on it. it didn’t start with gaali… its there everywhere…

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