Anti-national, nationalised


By T S Sudhir

Two days before India’s 64th birthday, a debate has been triggered in Andhra Pradesh over what is anti-national, thanks to 16 ministers of the Rosaiah government. Friday, the 13th of August, brought these VIPs bad news as a local court in Hyderabad asked the police to register cases against them for reportedly stating that the demand for statehood to Telangana amounted to sedition.

All the ministers belong to the Rayalaseema and coastal Andhra regions and are opposed to bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. Ironically, all these ministers, accused of `promoting enmity between different groups’ are unfurling the national flag in different districts today.

Whoever drafted that piece of paper that was submitted to the Srikrishna committee must have been out of his mind. The note said :

“Demanding a separate state on the grounds of self-respect and self-rule is equivalent to waging a war against the Indian union. This is the most reprehensible and dubious ground for formation of a new state under Article 3 of the Constitution. It is surprising that the Central government has appointed (sic) to look into these anti-national demands.”

The Telangana advocates went to court, claiming the ministers insulted the people of Telangana. K Chandrasekhar Rao of the Telangana Rashtra Samiti brought the Governor into the picture by asking him to get the ministers removed from the cabinet. (KCR of course, did not point out that not too long ago, he had warned of civil war if Telangana was not granted after 31 December 2010. A civil war must be a nationalist movement, I suppose !!)

I find it bizarre that in a country where the Constitution bestows on every citizen the freedom of speech, a demand for a separate state within India is interpreted as anti-national. If that was the case, surely the division of Madras state and the formation of Andhra Pradesh and several other states later on linguistic basis in the 1950s, was also anti-national. So were Jharkhand, Uttarakhand and Chhattisgarh.

The group of ministers was led by Andhra Pradesh’s endowments ministers, Gade Venkat Reddy, who presides over the sorry state of affairs of the temples in the state. His state is home to the world’s wealthiest temple at Tirumala, where unless you are a VVIP, the Lord’s minions do not allow the Lord to bestow more than a fraction of a second of attention and darshan on you. Where rampant corruption is almost a way of life. Isn’t that anti-national, Mr Reddy?

The Common-wealth Games is being treated like a privy purse by a select few, even as the Congress keeps arguing Suresh Kalmadi is not in the Organising Committee as a Congressman. Would they have said the same if Kalmadi was a BJP man? In public life, you have to be clean and also appear to be clean. Is it not anti-national when the government allows loot of public money to take place?

Anti-national is when a minister has the cheek to call the MD of a corporation to tell him to bend rules to accommodate a relative. And when the MD declines, citing the rulebook, he finds himself transferred to a loopline posting. Anti-national is when such heavyweight bosses call the shots.

Anti-national is when a chief minister succumbing to pressure from corporate lobbies, asks his few honest officials to turn a blind eye to violation of the law.

Anti-national is when a senior bureaucrat gives the contract of providing food to boys and girls at sports hostels to a contractor who did the catering at his daughter’s wedding for free.

Anti-national is when a sportsperson underperforms while playing for the country because he has sold his soul to a match-fixer.

Anti-national is when substandard material is used all the time in the construction of roads, buildings, flyovers, stadia, footpaths, irrigation projects and when they collapse, the firm uses its clout and money power to influence the authorities to get the probe stalled.

Anti-national is when political parties and candidates distribute money, liquor, sarees and other inducements during the election campaign to bribe voters. (Patriotic voters, of course, do not vote for the candidate who has paid them!)

Anti-national is when media and press, who one expects to be fair and honest, ties itself to the coattails of politicians and publishes and airs paid news, in the name of truth.

The list can go on and on because for the common man, there is nothing more crass than the genie of corruption that he or she has to deal with everyday. The campaign against Bofors in 1987 by V P Singh, spurred the country on a campaign against corruption. That was 23 years back. A guest on a TV show cynically said the other night that corruption has been nationalised in India.

In which case, all of us are anti-national. Not just those who are asking for Telangana, or Vidarbha or Gorkhaland.

We the People of India …


About t s sudhir & uma sudhir

Uma Sudhir and T S Sudhir are senior journalists, based in Hyderabad. Both work for NDTV. Uma is a Tamilian, who was educated in
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4 Responses to Anti-national, nationalised

  1. Serenity Stupidity says:

    Thanks Tss.

    For referring to or using “We The People”.

    The cycles of arguments/counter-arguments, stands, ideas, among people, have been happening, and have been ending often in mutual abuse, but every time ending definitely in stalemate.

    For weeks/months, I have been worrying because the regional rift(among people) in AP has been widening, and I have been able to do nothing. For, it would need a lot of typing, a lot of reasoning, a lot of energy.

    But, my freezing in a statue mode, has not been, of late, not merely because of inability….

    Rather, it is because I have been pondering on “The problem is within us”, as you referred, in “Maoists in white”.

    Slowly but surely, I have started realizing, that it is not just a case of hijacking of public sentiments ( and media focus ).

    I realized, that even I were being involved, the generation of mutual care,concern, give & take, and agreement, among people, common people, is not something, that is lacking merely because, people may not be knowing much about the concerns of each other. Or because of charged up environment, or incited by some leader or the other.

    And so I have realized, that I would need a wholly different mode and levels of expression;
    all the arguments, feelings , all the historical-social-economic-political facts/perspectives, being talked about, I am just not being able to focus on them, they appear as blurred, as the world appears to me, without my spects….

    I have detected, an unmistakable sense of “selfishness” among people of different regions and sections, as regards implications of “bifurcation” of the state. And amidst all this, the pure regional sentiments, whether independently as sentiment, or along with “perspectives” and “arguments”, are hardly able to stand their ground; as if being jostled out of existence, in a chaotic crowd,mess, or mob.

    Not to talk of “Mobocracy” , Students as “foot soldiers” or students “running the agitation”, whatever region , whatever agitation or whatever University they may be from;

    And I am definitely sure, that, neither do I intend to, “Judge” any particular section,region, individual, nor “We The people”;

    NOR can i “Judge”; For, it is Democracy….So all my “detections” , “feelings” , “intentions”, “bridging”, everything , is “persona non grata” or something to that effect;

    Then who can solve ? Constitution. Whether it is a “decision” on telangana, or the vortex of Corruption, or the vicious cycles of Under-development and violence.

    I really only know 3 words from the Constitution. We The People.

    And we the people have to form a Synergy. Raise above immediate concerns, feelings. Reach out to each other. Reach out , above all the “Din” , all the mess.

    We The People, have to show a large heart , long term perspective, broad, smart perspective.
    But minds, bodies,souls, sapped out by malfunctioning democratic system, has left a majority multitude not so capable of being able to do the above, be the above all , achieve the above all.

    This, is not a simple job that can be accomplished by typing 10 or 15 bridging messages or the social forum. But it is the RIGHT,only way – democratic communication among people.

    But to attempt to “preach”, “bridge”, withstanding all the challenges, needs complete total selfless scrupulous dedication. Like Bhagat Singh, Jhansi Laxmi bai.

    Do I dream of being one, wanting to be one, do I hope, clamor for souls like that ?

    After referring to Rani Laxmi Bai in my blog regarding Rajitha, and after staring to realize the above realities about we the people, something suddenly struck me, some days back.

    Why is it that we never had a Bhagat Singh or a Rani Laxmi bai again ?

    Either the above 2 were freaks of nature…Or there is one. Everywhere. In each one of us.
    There is a mass leader in each one of us, who can do the job.’

    I see a Rani Laxmi bai, in Every orphan like struggling for Life, like Rajitha did ( and is doing ),
    in every child laborer for whom we have no solution , or time , or state funds…but Laws…law of compulsory education etc.

    I am not yet willing or ready to let the Bhagat Singh out of me. I have to deal with my “problems”,”spinal disc”, “yearning for resurrecting my high flying career”. “My expired visa for USA”. “My family life in doldrums”. And I have a reason. “I need money to do anything”.

    And I have been able to “detect” a “malfunctioning” “unscrupulous” “We The People”.

    I am not “capable” yet. I do not “know if i can ever do anything.”

    But I see 2 souls who are doing their bit, in drawing the Bhagat Singh out of themselves.
    T S Sudhir, and Uma Sudhir.

    And I have the courage of the soul, to unabashedly accept all my incompetence,
    to smilingly acknowledge that all I am doing clapping for you, standing.

    Because I know, that it is the right way. tamaso ma jyotir gamaya.

    AP,India Needs you both, no matter what anyone may keep saying,commenting.

    • Serenity Stupidity says:

      Hi TSS/Uma,

      Please allow me to correct my comment. Not being a public figure, I am given to banging on Submit comment, without sometimes reviewing.

      I wrote “This, is not a simple job that can be accomplished by typing 10 or 15 bridging messages or the social forum. ”

      Please read, “This, is not a simple job that can be accomplished by typing MERELY 10 or 15 bridging messages ON the social forum. ”

      I mean, that It might need a 100 or a 1000.ON the social forum, Not or.

      I love the Social forum, and this blog space. It is just that nowadays I am scared, confused, and clueless like a kid, or like a sitting duck, as to what to type on the social forum., regarding Telangana and AP-Bifurcation. But having the typed above “monologue” comment, I now have decided on at least something which i will attempt to type, when i can.

      Please consider me like Tejaswini, and overlook anything wrong.

  2. Serenity Stupidity says:

    Dear Tss,

    I still remember how much solace I felt, after reading “Maoists in white”. And I felt extremely liberated after reading this.

    Salutes ! Excellent post, just like a true freedom fighter ! Worth Independence day !

  3. satya pamula says:

    Dear Sudhir,

    Thanks for the article. But the question still remains …

    KCR who called for civil war it not anti national .why was he not booked ??

    Narendra ex TRS member asked to take arms if Telangana is not formed it not anti national .why was he not booked ??

    Our seld proclaimed leader of congress ( not won single election though ) kesavarao says he starts Militancy if telangalan is not formed… it not anti national .why was he not booked ??. For god sake hes a congress person and he doesnt even know that state and central are ruled by his own party ??

    Mamtha openly join hands with Maoissts it not anti national .why was she not booked ??

    the lists goes on and one from the list you mentioned above..

    if KCR beieves that what he says and proclaims is just and with in law..only god can save him and his his nonsense utterances he should be booked every hour!!

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