Desperate for fertilizers

By Uma Sudhir

Another T-stir brewing with an acute shortage of fertilizers in the Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh. Serpentine queues of farmers, who were hoping that an above average rainfall, after last year’s drought, would translate into a good crop. My report from Medak district …

(video of my story aired on NDTV 24×7)


About t s sudhir & uma sudhir

Uma Sudhir and T S Sudhir are senior journalists, based in Hyderabad. Both work for NDTV. Uma is a Tamilian, who was educated in
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2 Responses to Desperate for fertilizers

  1. Nitesh says:

    Mam , well presented and a touching footage……..I have been told from the farmers of Ananthapur district….that , it being the native place of agricultural minister , they did not receive any stock of subsidized fertilizers yet. The cropping season started , but there is poor response from govt side . I want you to briefly air even the pitiable saga of ananthapur .

  2. Serenity Stupidity says:

    Dear Uma,

    You still surprise me, given the regularity with which, you are able to pick the right issues to be reported about, at the right time. Good Job Ma’am. Gives me such satisfaction, seeing you put to maximum/optimum use, of whatever news-space that you can contribute to;

    If you were not directing the shots, please convey my regards to the camera-person, for the shots : a cpl of police personnel, having smile as part of their chat , while managing the station, which is disbursing urea for a change, and not justice; ( no, no complaints about the young police-personnel, rather merely appreciating the “mix” of the shots ); then the “stamping”; the queue; and the agitated farmers;
    Remarkable calm & professionalism by the cameraperson, whom we ignore most of the times;

    When you report it as T “stir” , it is a calm remainder, that the T-agitation, is no longer a storm in the T-cup;

    I am really sad for the farmers; can we blame their frustration, if all they get is 1 bag amidst such chaos, that too when the rains are better ?

    This season, a lot of rain is coming at night; i feel that such rain can be trapped even better; i wonder if that is happening; whether for farmers or for the “India” of “bharat” ap : Hyderabad.

    The farmer representative tries to talk about, politician committing suicide rather than farmers; makes me dream, that the farmers, even amidst all their acute troubles, might just be the ones to show awareness, wisdom, and lead in not falling prey to the designs of politicians; and makes me dream, that farmers fight remains apolitical; I say “dream”, because I am not demanding this out of them; Even if politicians take over, may be that is the only course left for them( other than media).

    I hope it does not sound dramatic nor do I convey feeling of cynicism or revolution, if i share the thought, that even this shortage at the right time, is somewhere or somehow, a symptom, of all not being well with the management or planning regarding of fertilizers; No, I am not talking of corruption, but the administrative failure resulting in the crunch;

    I feel sad, when the person in charge, seems to suggest, that the crunch is a result of the farmers over-stocking, fearing shortage. Did he say that ? If indeed, the god knows what are the details of this crunch;

    Like the last shot in Lagaan, when the camera blurs or zooms out of focus with the collection of all the characters , while the voice over informs that this incident got lost in history, I go away from this medak situation, wishing, that farmers can feel that all is well.

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