A week’s suspense over T

By T S Sudhir

Will a new state of Telangana be carved out of Andhra Pradesh? Justice B N Srikrishna has handed over his report to the government – 10 months after he was appointed head of a special committee to talk to different political parties and “all sections of society.”

(video of the story)

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Uma Sudhir and T S Sudhir are senior journalists, based in Hyderabad. Both work for NDTV. Uma is a Tamilian, who was educated in
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One Response to A week’s suspense over T

  1. A.V.Raman says:

    Let us hope ‘research scholars’ who occupy hostels for decades eating the mirchi bajjis have something worthwhile other than pelting stones, dousing themselves and the buses and trains[coming from foreign countries such as coastal andhra and karnataka-kerala express, konarak express and other well known old favorites of the mobs of both sides] carrying enemy outsiders who must be stabbed. Should small children be stabbed, should pregnant women be killed and should trains be detained where people without food and water can suffer for hours, huddled together for fearing being singled out?. These are well fed stomachs of research scholars and politicians, who do not understand the pain of a petty sharecropper, who in turn is being deluded because this is an effort to concentrate the share of the loot in the competitive polity called India. Will trains run or will they be detained and public property is grandfather’s property, stone them,set fire to them. One hopes that the passengers are asked to get down and then the bus or train is torched and not singled out just because they were ‘outsiders’. Bhaja Govindam Moodamathe, Bhaja Govindam Moodamathe! There is no dedication, there is no integrity when the rulers do not do their duty, there will never be a solution telagana or no telangana. If telangana is given people of Manipur[who have suffered more and are probably more alienated as people jeer chowkidar aagaya] at them deserve autonomy and so do other fissure points in the imagined community called the nation state of India largely due to the tireless efforts of Sardar Vallabhai Patel and Subramanian Bharati. Why not hand over dravidistan a long time demand of tamil zealot fanatics so that more 2g scams can be made to happen!

    On another note one wonders why universities should deserve that name university when they are havens of eve-teasing[possibly a favorite pass time] in addition to cracking vulgar jokes and pulling out small time shopkeepers and pedestrians to pose the question are you a settler, then you must be stabbed to death. Media channels rarely put news that one could use. I am visiting hyderabad to see my professor who taught me during my MPhil and MA and am worried sick whether my devagiri express and bangalore express will be torched[andhrawale bhago nahi to tumhara khoon pakka aur phir telangana ek aur dhakka, the tempo seems to be getting worse!]. You as usual have been fantastic and perhaps can become Sir Mark Tully as the voice of AP. Please keep everyone up to speed because it is a very crucial phase the country is going through. Let us pray that the hot wind of hatred does not blow and a gujarat riot like situation is not repeated.

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