Borders drawn

By T S Sudhir
When I noticed jawans of the Border Security Force at the Andhra Pradesh Assembly on Thursday morning, I remember wondering if they are not out of place.
I was wrong. In fact, they couldn’t have been positioned at a better place. What with borders drawn by our honourable legislators. He is Telangana. He is Andhra. She is from Rayalaseema. He is from Andhra settled in Hyderabad but supports Telangana. She lives in Hyderabad but does not support Telangana.
This brusque finger-pointing took an ugly turn. The victim was Dr Jayaprakash Narayan, an IAS officer-turned-politician and MLA and President of the Loksatta Party. His crime was apparently his stand in favour of a unified Andhra Pradesh. The pink panthers of the Telangana Rashtra Samiti saw red and manhandled him.
A lesson had been taught to all those who oppose Telangana. These MLAs had interpreted KCR’s slogan of ek aur dhakka, Telangana pucca rather literally.

The honourable TRS MLAs weren’t sorry for their dishonourable deed. Far from it. The justification was that JP, a `pseudo intellectual’,  had to bear the brunt of the people’s resentment and anger for his stand on Telangana.
JP should have seen it coming. Just half an hour before, IPS officer-turned-Governor ESL Narasimhan was branded anti-Telangana and accused of submitting anti-Telangana reports to the Centre. So TRS MLAs, with support from the Telugu Desam, attempted to tear his copy of the address on the opening day of the budget session. His cop instincts were tested in the face of attempts by TDP MLA Revanth Reddy to knock off the Governor’s chair. The self-proclaimed daddy of good behaviour and decorum, Chandrababu Naidu watched his partymen’s athletic antics in embarrassing silence.
The opposition MLAs claimed the marshals had roughed them up as well when the cameras weren’t rolling. I noticed TRS MLA Harish Rao walk out of the Assembly sans his slippers. He had lost them trying to boot out the Governor. Just five minutes later, he and fellow MLAs were to lose their shirt with JP.
One passionate proponent of Telangana likened the situation a la Egypt. That when people feel oppressed and repressed, a day will come when patience will run out. That is what is happening in Telangana, he reasoned.

Ironically all this happened on a day when the Telangana region, spearheaded by its two and a half lakh government employees, started a non-cooperation movement which meant the babus would go to office but wouldn’t work, would travel in buses but not buy tickets, would consume electricity but won’t pay their bills and so on. On paper, sounded just the ideal way to mount pressure on the government to move ahead on Telangana, a vibrant demonstration of people power through civil disobedience.
But the cloak of Gandhism did not last even a couple of hours and muscle power was in full display.
All this doesn’t augur well for a state already badly divided on regional lines. If street fights are to decide the future of a state, then the people of Andhra Pradesh will most certainly be on the road.

About t s sudhir & uma sudhir

Uma Sudhir and T S Sudhir are senior journalists, based in Hyderabad. Both work for NDTV. Uma is a Tamilian, who was educated in
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3 Responses to Borders drawn

  1. sangita says:

    If at all AP is divided, it is not hard to imagine the fate of telangana at the hands of
    TRS goons. GOD help the people. I am from telangana but I do not want the state to be divided.

  2. Ari says:

    Well said, Sudhir! in times of oppression and regression, patience is lost out. The Telangana supporters got ticked-off by the un-parliamentary language used by his-highness Governor, such as “bastards”, “get lost”.
    The suspended MLAs have reached out to the Deputy-Governor, who has no answer.
    This is the same JP who has termed OU students as goons, etc.
    It wasn’t a member of the assembly that gave JP a bayiree from behind, rather it was just an ordinary citizen, who is now serving 5 days in jail.
    The plight of OU students (some still behind the bars) lies up in the air, while the Governor who resorts to unparliamentary language, can happily get a good night sleep.
    Jai Telangana!

  3. raffuchakkar says:

    good article
    I am from telagana but I do not like TRS doing all the cheap publicity and goondiasm and killing the movement and giving a negative image to the whole telagana people for me as long as people of telangana are going to benefit from this movement it will be good but i fear it is not the case TRS guys are filling thier pockets by scaring people off.
    KCR and Co are only interested in thier selfish goals of grabbing power and they are using innocent students and people of telangana as the pawns.
    students should wisen up and see the motives of these selfish politicians and not ruin thier careers.
    i wish we could get telangana with out these tamasha of KCR and Co.
    sometimes i think harish rao and KCR are working against the telangana movement by behaving like rowdies and they do not explain to people thier plans how they will improve telangana’s people lives

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