This wedding brought to you by …

By T S Sudhir
I would presume it is purely a coincidence. On the day that Union Food minister K V Thomas has proposed that there should be some way to limit the amount of food served and wasted at Indian weddings, in Hyderabad, a big fat Indian wedding is in progress. Fat not by normal standards but by the standards of the best brands in the business. The celebrations spread not over a day or two but almost an entire week.
A public relations firm has been roped in to ensure the `event’ gets noticed. After all, it is being touted as the biggest wedding, or should I say, weddings, in south India. The two sons of NRI industrialist S Ravindra from Hyderabad, Rohit and Ranjit, are getting married at the GMR arena in the city.
Here are the details provided to me on why this is the mother of all weddings:
* The couples exchange rings to the beats of Sivamani, well-known percussionist
* The main wedding ceremony on February 25 would have an underwater theme
*  Tollywood stars from different generations, top politicians and bureaucrats, industrialists, sportstars and socialites would be present to bless the newly-weds
* Performances by Sivamani, Naresh Iyer, Karthik, Sunita, Vijayalakshmi, Mallikarjun, Gopika

* MC are Uday Bhanu and Shiva Reddy and the Choreographer is Satya

* Mumbai’s most popular celebrity mehendi artist Jamila would be doing the Mehendi for the bride and her guests

* Rohit and Ranjit would be wearing creations by Gucci from the Runway collections and the shoes and ties by Versace, Armani and Hugo Boss

* Brides would be wearing a Manish Malhotra lehenga for the wedding, and Versace gowns for the reception

*  The grooms’ parents, Ravindra has chosen an Armani creation and Anupama will wear a Manish Malhotra creation

* Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri (TBZ) would be the exclusive jewellery brand for the wedding

* Especially for the event, 3 custom-made watches will be worn by grooms Rohit and Ranjit. The grooms’ father Ravindra will wear a watch, designed by Rolex

* Make-up for the Brides and their families will be done by Mickey Contractor

* Wedding card is a combination of a colorful mela fan which is for the pre-wedding party and sangeet, wedding and reception.The concept of the Wedding Invitation was conceived by Anupama Ravindra and executed by EDC (Entertainment Design Co.) from Delhi

* The cooks are from a traditional family with a lineage of over 200 years. The menu is expected to feature Kakori, Shammi, Ghutwa, Boti and Sheek Kababs, apart from Nawabi kormas and Hyderabadi biryani

The pre-wedding festivities have been on since Sunday with mehndi-sangeet and each day, from Monday to Thursday are theme parties in Nizami, Bengali, Rajasthani and Punjabi styles. There is even a post-wedding press conference on March 1 and a `high-profile reception’ in Auckland in New Zealand where the family lives.

Branding it seems has been married into lives ! And Mr Thomas, this wedding sure will give you some food for thought !

About t s sudhir & uma sudhir

Uma Sudhir and T S Sudhir are senior journalists, based in Hyderabad. Both work for NDTV. Uma is a Tamilian, who was educated in
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15 Responses to This wedding brought to you by …

  1. Sudeep says:

    Going through the series of things this one seems to be the most talked about and expensive wedding Hyd has ever seen and Ranjit is one guy who always had a love for brands and his fav are exactly the ones listed above among many and used to come to college in the same. Went to college with him (Ranjit) and he’s pretty chilled and fun to be with, except the fact that both the brothers used to come to the same college in two different Mercedes with the number 1 😛 Otherwise very calm and reserved guys and coming back to the marriage apparently the Sets are done by Wizcraft and that wedding card costs 10k each and comes with pearls. As you mentioned it surely is a Branded wedding. Now can’t wait to check out if everything at GMR that day is worth all this Hype. Also can’t really believe he’s getting married so early and in this large scale. But very happy for both the brothers.

    Will any of you be there at the wedding ? *Just curious 🙂


    • Ajay says:

      Ravindra and his family must be suffering from a lot of inferiority complex or what else could be the reason to publicize about what they would be wearing etc. …by the way they forgot to mention the brand names of their under g-rments….

  2. Nitesh Bharadwaj Chodavarapu says:

    If they have such huge amount of money , they can start a trust and serve the poor of this country. When India has more than 70 % of people below our GDP , such rich and over rich people should serve India. It is unfortunate that , in wealth people’s eyes get closed…when there’s so much poverty and misery around , who wants a big fat Indian wedding ?

    • Anu says:

      Oh please Ajay, stop with your patronizing attitude. Everyone who has money, and has earned it honestly is not bound to share their wealth with anyone rich or poor to make their use of their own money acceptable. Whatever they do with their money is and should be completely acceptable. Who are we to judge.
      There are so many rich people in India, and so many poor. If all the rich opened up their wallets there would be no poor. Heck, if all the politicians had to return all the money they stole from the people and stashed in their Swiss accounts, there would be no poor left in India. There would be surplus!
      So let an honest man spend his money on his children and on the happiest day of his and his family’s live. Live and let live.
      Disclaimer: I am not a relative/friend/colleague/employee etc of the ravindra family. Just a reader of this blog.

  3. ramesh gopisetty says:

    The very fact that S.Ravindra is liberally spending money & sharing his cup of Joy with all his big Family members,relatives & a huge friends circle shows that he has nothing to hide since he made money by working hard in a distant land New Zealand is highly commendable.Moreover,this kind of fact Indian Wedding certainly attracts the attention of Income Tax people and yet he made no secret about his big spending-spree shows that all such money is PURE WHITE MONEY.He took so many people along to Honkong for the bachelor party and planning a huge contingent of relatives to New Zealand after the marriage besides giving unique gifts to so many of his relatives.Money is meant for spending & this can be a good living example of Caring and Sharing.As far as Charities are concerned which he has done it in the past and will continue to do so in future also.This kind of function involving all the dear & near is also a kind of thanks giving to Almighty and Corrupt Political leaders,Industrialists and unscrupulous people who looted the Country cannot spend money openly for obvious reasons,hence they stack all such ill-gotten money in Swiss Banks.Money in circulation is very good thing I wish the function all the best & wish that we have more people of such tribe in our Country.

  4. ramesh gopisetty says:

    I would like to add few more sentences since the person in question is none other but my relative and i am proud of him the way he is sharing his Riches with so many of our relatives. Everyone gives lectures saying Char Din Ka Zindagi, Kali Haath Aye Aur Kaali Haath Zhayinge, but the same people are greedy and spent their whole lives amassing wealth but not spending for themselves and never bother about others. In this connection i am reminded of Dalai Lamas fitting remarks which says it all.
    Man” because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Than he sacrifices his money to recuperate his health. And than he is so anxious about the future that he doesn’t enjoy the present. As a result he doesn’t live in the present or the future. And he lives as if he never going to Die, And than he dies having never really LIVED.

  5. Vinayak says:

    What Ramesh said is right…having money is not great but to spend like that there should be a big heart ..Congratulation to Ravindra & Anupama and I wish Happy Married Life to Ranjit,Rohit,Shruti,Divya

  6. ijswamy says:

    Did the couples gift any amount to orphanages, welfare hostels , physically challenged etc ? Vulgar display of wealth must be condemned otherwise.

  7. ramesh gopisetty says:

    Dear IJSwamy Ravindra is doing lot of Charities in his own humble way & he doesn’t like to make tom tom & likes to be on the low-key.Well,there must be some reason behind all this one of a kind Marriage wherein he took lot of people on board and that is the beauty about him, “Apni Apni Pasand Apni Apni Khayyal”.Its his hard earned money and he got the right occasion & he can spend the money the way he likes.Learned people like IAS,IPS,ICS & the so-called Doctors even after taking Hyphocratic Oath and the Corrupt Political leaders who are supposed to SERVE the underprevileged people are OPENLY LOOTING the Nation and we are silently taking all that Bull-Shit lying down.All this is going on for the past 64yrs and no one has time to protest.Here, I commend the gutsy people of Tunisia,Egypt,Bahrain,Libya and the entire Middle-East is raising its voice unitedly against CORRUPTION.Let us all unitedly kick the Corrupt Congress out of Delhi-Durbar in 2014 crucial Elections. JAI HIND.
    Physically we may not be there on this auspitious occasion, but we are very much there in SPIRIT to bless Ravindra & Anupama and likewise wish a very happy married life to Ranjit,Rohit,Shruti & Divya.May God bless you all.

    • ijswamy says:

      Thank you Gopistty Ramesh . Spending any amount is their will . Moreover such a costly marriage provided employment to labourers, decorators,photographers,artists, men and women of beauty industry ,florists ,caterers etc. Plus they must have paid entertainment tax and VAT on several items .May God bless the couples.

  8. sirisha says:

    he earned his money by working hard so he has right to do it in his own way but better spend it for a worthy cause

  9. Vinayak says:

    WOW what a Marriage never seen before…jus came from there ….It was AWESOME ….they took very good care of everyone and every thing.

    here are the highlights

    Marriage setting was Jodha Akbar which is same as we saw in in the movie.
    Reception:Under water theme Perl concept which was visual feast for every one ..
    Food & Drinks are extraordinary with lots of varieties.
    Entertainment is exceptional with shivamani,karthik,sunitha,shivareddy………
    Most of all they are very humble & Kind and down to earth ….took very good care of all the guests.

  10. Sekhar Suryavanshi says:

    Seriously … the whole thing is hyped. How much are they really spending? Who cares. But well… if you believe the TV then the wedding cards alone are INR 10 Crores which is INR 100 Million or USD 2.5 Million. Really! Well the whole wedding is what? USD 50 Million (INR 2000 crores or soemthing). I suspect that this is a big hoax or soemthing is seriously twisted. I don’t get the feeling that the picture is complete.

  11. spurthi says:

    yeah it was like awesssomme!
    i went to…there my relatives…
    its his money his wish…he can do whatever he wants with it!! right??
    and he spend it on a cause of happiness for himself..his sons weddings! who are we to stop him!!??

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