Raising a stink over Telangana

By Uma Sudhir

From hi-tech city to stinking city – this is what Hyderabad has become, with municipal workers not clearing garbage, as part of the week long non-cooperation agitation started by pro-Telangana employees on Thursday.


About t s sudhir & uma sudhir

Uma Sudhir and T S Sudhir are senior journalists, based in Hyderabad. Both work for NDTV. Uma is a Tamilian, who was educated in
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4 Responses to Raising a stink over Telangana

  1. This is exactly how Peshawar or Lahore looked like in 1947.I remember the scene in Jinnah Movie where Nehru and Frontier Gandhi go to Peshawar.Nehru starts speaking that Hindus and Muslims are there all over the subcontinent and we must live happily.Then someone in the crowd throws a stone and then mayhem starts.The same scene exactly repeated at Mahboobabad when Jagan went.If even the thought of Telangana is creating so much of problem tommorow after Telangana is formed Hyderabad would become a jungle land where only Telanganites can say.The very fact of Separatism is an anathema for the Idea of India where people of all religions,regions and languages stay peacefully.

  2. Vishaal Dev says:

    Good Job !!

  3. ijswamy says:

    Centre is OBSTINATE and is out of tune with people`s aspiration .

  4. Aditya T says:

    This is just a peep-show due to oppression on the Gentleman’s agreement/Mulkhi rule.

    Until 1980s, the Telaganites had some sort of entry for governments jobs in the departments of MCH, Panchayat Raj, Electricity board, Water Board, etc.

    After the 80s came the “great-oppression”, where more of the Telanganites had to resort to jobs outside such as primarily Dubai. As a simple example, the Seemandhrites have never resorted to Dubai, due to this secret ethnic authoritianism. Rather, Seemandhrites were secretely assured jobs by migration to Hyderabad and its vicinities with inter-zilla favoritism, nepotism, etc. Paying no interest to the Gentleman’s agreement by psuedo-gentlemen! Thanks to CBN, YSR, etc..

    This can be theorized as massive mazdoor-drain-forceout.

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