An open letter to Sonia Gandhi

Dear Smt Sonia Gandhiji,


The spin doctors of the Congress have been painting you in glorious colours for having given a dressing down to Dayanidhi Maran and M K Azhagiri (wonder what he understood of your Italian-accented English) as a result of which the DMK presumably climbed down and gave your party the extra three seats to contest in Tamilnadu.

Congratulations. More power to you. What your party has offered in return to Karunanidhi and his rising sons and daughter, the public doesn’t know as yet. We will soon, I am sure.

And since you are in the mood to be tough, I take the liberty to request you to look north of Tamilnadu. I hope you found time to see the visuals of the seige of Tankbund by protestors from Telangana today. Not a million as they had claimed, but atleast some 15000 by police estimates. Telangana is happy today because they see this as a message to you that the people of this region want a separate state. Hope you took note.

You must pardon that in their enthusiasm, they demolished and desecrated 19 of the 32 statues of very eminent and learned people, which had been put up at Tank Bund. But don’t think they came without doing their homework. They carefully chose only those men and women, who belonged to non-Telangana regions. Their grouse is that when NTR chose the statues some two decades ago, only seven of the 32 belonged to Telangana.

I am sure as I write, your government in Andhra Pradesh will be hunting for a scapegoat. My guess is it will be the Hyderabad police commissioner A K Khan. He and his men surely deserve accolades from Telanganites for preparing such a porous security cordon that it was breached on the dot at 1 pm.

One of Khan’s officers told me that the Telanganites had gathered at a wedding hall on the Lower Tankbund Road and some 3000 `guests’ had assembled there. It turned out to be a fake marriage. How clever of them. You can well understand, M’am, this is the state of the intelligence in Andhra Pradesh today.

100-odd days back, you gave our state a new chief minister. Kiran Kumar Reddy was meant to be this big ray of hope. Today, after promising everyone that they will be safe in Hyderabad, he fiddled while a part of Hyderabad burnt. It did literally as a police vehicle and an outdoor broadcast van of a TV channel owned by a non-Telangana person were gutted. And even MPs from your party, were there to fan it.

Who do you think is responsible for this state of affairs? Every politician worth his salt and Gandhi topi says the ball is in your court. The Congress, fortunately or unfortunately, is in power in Delhi and in Hyderabad. You cannot get a better opportunity than this to settle this issue once and for all. Be a stateswoman.

My heart bleeds when I see shopkeepers crouching behind half-closed shutters, one eye on the customer and another for any trouble-maker. I feel angry when students are asked to leave home at 5 am for an 8 am examination because the police cannot promise safe and smooth passage. I feel agitated when buses and local trains are targetted and vandalised by crowds who think a stone will get them Telangana. I feel terrible when daily wagers go without their earnings because of the frequent bandhs that Telangana seems to have now. I feel sad when pensioners in Telangana cannot get their pension because government employees in the region have refused to work.

The people of Andhra Pradesh want a solution to this. Enough of this. We want peace. We want progress. Whether or not you decide to `give’ Telangana. But to keep the issue in abeyance, calculating the political advantages that would accrue to your party, is playing with the emotions and lives of people who live here.

The time has come for you to show personal courage and take a call. This way or that way. And show the character to stick to your decision. We do not want more politics on this. The people of Telangana have a genuine grievance and most of it is caused because of the unscrupulous behaviour of Congressmen in the past. Time has come for you to correct the wrong. How long is Andhra Pradesh going to wait for you to break your silence?

I do understand your party these days is having its back to the wall. But that is no reason why you should drive Andhra Pradesh up the wall.
Warm regards


T S Sudhir


16 thoughts on “An open letter to Sonia Gandhi

  1. I would like to write my personal letter to Sonia ji.


    Leadership means ‘leading people though tough times and doing what is right’. There is severe leadership crisis in state and Center.( who is surprised after 2g,CWG etc)

    This is the time to redeem yourself and take a stand.

    you promised telangana , came to power both times and announced Telangana process in 2009 .
    Going by the recent issues(2g, CWG,etc) i am not sure you will stand by your word.
    having said all , I BELIEVE in miracles.

    ps: my mom who is 55, never went to school but always voted for congress. she is the most loyal congress voter i ever know. Today she said that ‘she hates you for in action and turning blind to deaths of scores of students’.

  2. Thank you sudhir, for giving us insight into million march. I have no words to express my anguish as well. Time has come for the center to take a note of what is happening in andhra pradesh. If I am correct it even shorter flight to hyderabad than going to chennai.

    god save this state and its people.

  3. Obedient,servile Andhra Congressmen/women scored 100%.They never resign from profit fetching posts.For Soniyaji Ahmed patel is greater than Annamacharya,Nannayya,Errapragada,Kshethrayya and Krishnadevaraya.Destroying their idols is a SACRILEGE. It is worse than demolition of Babri Masjid.Paid goondas don`t understand how Telugu s feel at this. Karunanidhi and Mamta Benerji can blackmail you to submission .
    Stateswoman ? Who ? And how ?

  4. Even I share the same anguish Sudhir. Alas! I really hate be so helpless. All this greed just to be in power for another 2 yrs.

  5. Hi Sudhir,
    I think NDTV should make a documentary on the T agitation. People of Andhra Pradesh deserve to be know the facts of this agitation. Is this an agitation, by the politicians, of the politicians and for the politicians? God help this state.


  6. Hi sudhir,

    I do accept with each and every word off yours. However the anguish that we have witnessed at that point in time is not that all “In the Heat of the moment”. It is been a longtime the people from Telangana are requesting the center to take a call on the critical affair.yet,there is no sign of action from them.moreover the people of telangana certainly started thinking different aspects of this issue right after the so called united andhra moment. now a days any common man would be thinking on the lines profitability for people from seemandhra if we all live together(Borderless).Hopefully expecting a happy ending climax for the same.


  7. Harikrishna, I think the problem is that people are not willing to accept Centre’s decision, which is to keep the state intact (as recommended by Srikrishna report). TRS fellows were (and still are) threating civil war if they don’t get their way. Even if Telanganawallahs disagree with the centre’s decision, I don’t think they should protest in this fashion, which is basically blackmail that says, “We will put life in Hyderabad to a complete stop if you don’t listen to us, ecnomic losses and inconvenience to the common man be damned.”

    1. Gautam, True but then it (CONGRESS led UPA) has to take one or the other decision on the same without dragging it till the last minute. The moment when someone try escaping from the crucial decision, will definitely get hit badly on and off the field for the days to come. I am again insisting that there were many decisions that this UPA has taken without limiting them to a section of people who opposes it. One such decision was on the Nuke-deal. That kind of aggressive needed for this to get resolve. Of course I do believe there are certain equations to go thru before taking any decision for their own benefit since they have that kind of a privilege with power in their hand.

      At the same time this committee’s won’t reflect the reality at the ground zero. even if centre takes a decision as suggested by SKC( people say the recommendations are reflecting as canteen menu …) there is no guarantee that the “BROKEN” heart of the telangana people get sticked ( remember there is not much of the funds with Govt of AP either to go for AAROGYA SREE scheme for all the people for telangana.)


  8. I do agree and many millions are there like me. What to do ?
    when the rulers are culprits the ruling will be like this. Do you think by forming telangana, they get jobs and their people are well off than now. That is the great art KCR is having and making all telangana people to believe. God save the innocent please.

  9. AP govt promised “fee reimbursement” “corporate hospital charges” “old age pensions” et al . The govt is bankrupt . After the sacrilege and blasphemy of destroying idols on tank bund AP will not be same again . Telangana no longer waits . Andhra is split in every sense .

  10. Sudhir,
    It comes to me with deep dissappointment, that a man of your nature with deep knowledge about the Telangana problem is shamming the whole of T by just one act of the mob gone wild at Tankbund.

    The protestor’s went crazy due to the oppression from AK Khan who silently gives permission for the Andhra Spin doctors to take march on Tankbund after the vandalism act. Where was Section 140 then? Do we have to define what poltical hyprocricy is in those instances?

    How about the demolition of Telangana Talli in Daulatabad, Medak district much before the mobs act in Tankbund? This is where venom is deliberated to spew venom!

    I wish you expressed the same solidiarity that day before the Tankbunch incident?

    Ek masoom bholi bhali ladki ko ek natkat ladke ke saat shaadi kiya jaa raha hai, chahe toh woh milke reh sakte hai ya bichad sakte hai – Pandit Nehru

    Jai Telangan!

    1. dear aditya, Please read the blog again. No one is slamming the Telangana movement. In fact the blog very clearly mentions Telangana has been wronged. I have toured enough of the state to know what the ground realities are.

      What no one wants is acts of violence. The problem is anyone who is critical of the violence or any acts of arson/vandalism is immediately painted as anti-Telangana or anti-whatever cause those doing it are espousing. The `open letter’ is from a citizen who wants peace. Just like you have a right to demand Telangana, other citizens also have a right to demand what is dear to them. I hope you understand that concern as well.


  11. Destruction of idils of Annamayya , Pothanna et al WAS an act of SACRILEGE .
    Dictionary does not contain an epither to describe the destroyers .Vandals, rowdies,goondas , are pious in comparison to epithetless people .

  12. I share the same anguish as you sir.Tired of these agiations.I am sure by now all andharities(all people of Andhra pradesh) have got immuned and habituated to see such agiations on daily basis and have got tired and sick of all these.It mere politics which is aggravating this problem.If any one wants telangana go and shout or do dharna before 10 janpath,7 race course,delhi .But,do not waste your own money by burning buses,disrupting rail etc

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