Anna Hazare, the real India shining

By T S Sudhir

“Alagiri is part of EGoM on corruption. This is a good move. Always useful to have an expert on the panel.”

I began my morning reading this sarcastic tweet by Chennaikaran that in a nutshell conveyed the mood of the average Indian. Social media has given an outlet to express the disgust about India becoming a nation that has got used to corruption in its veins, as commonplace as motorists jumping the red light and bribing policeman on duty to escape prosecution or a fine, or the builder asking for 40% of the payment in black.

Is Anna Hazare then the new JP? For the generation born post 1975, Jayaprakash Narayan led a movement against the Indira Gandhi regime in the early 70s, that culminated in the senior Mrs G imposing the Emergency.

And Anna Hazare is himself a war veteran, who draws inspiration from Swami Vivekananda. He is now using the most potent weapon shown by Mahatma Gandhi, a fast-unto-death, to put pressure on the government to clean up the system.

Some third-rate politicians have murmured how the system is being blackmailed by a fast-unto-death. Perhaps if Gandhiji were to today use that same weapon, these netas would call him a blackmailer too. Some Congressman has called Anna Hazare a RSS agent as well. By extension, all those at Jantar Mantar and elsewhere in the country are RSS agents too.

We all agree we want a vibrant parliamentary democracy and not be ruled by some despot a la Libya or Egypt. But if it is going to translate into some 500-odd MPs and thousands of legislators around the country scratching each other’s back to benefit themselves at the cost of the exchequer and then using that money to buy votes, it is time to blackmail.

And why not? We are tired of hearing about how clean a PM we have. If his definition of cleanliness is to keep himself clean while not cleaning up his environment, I think we have a problem. We do not want to be told India is shining when we know exactly how unscrupulous leaders benefit by getting themselves alloted petrol bunks and educational institutions. We have had enough of big ticket corporates bribing and manipulating the system to set up industries that rape the ecology and environment. We have had enough of family members of politicians in power, using the access to the breakfast table and the bedroom to strike corrupt deals.

Anna Hazare’s fast is a clarion call for Indians to say `Enough is enough’. We won’t bribe to get our work done. Corruption and convenience cannot be synonyms. This may not solve all our problems. But it is a beginning in that direction.

It is important that this crusade does not fail. Because if it does, it will only make the ruling class confident that it can get away with anything. And everything.




About t s sudhir & uma sudhir

Uma Sudhir and T S Sudhir are senior journalists, based in Hyderabad. Both work for NDTV. Uma is a Tamilian, who was educated in
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5 Responses to Anna Hazare, the real India shining

  1. Ramya says:

    Anna Hazare is a ray of hope for us, Indians …Though we got independence in 1947, in true sense we still haven’t , till problems like corruption which are deep rooted and have engulfed our system are outcasted..

  2. ijswamy says:

    What do you call a colourful honey sucking butterfly that prefers to stay only in a municipal public toilet ? And if no honey is found and if the butterfly refuses to leave the toilet because the tiles of toilet are coloured well what to do ? PM Manmohan Singh and President Pratibha Patil are such butterflies. Congress is the stinking toilet .

  3. Manisha says:

    This movement has raised a new hope in us that India will shine in true sense and once again our country will be know as ” Sone ki Chidiya”.

  4. Aditya G says:

    Thanks for summarizing the feelings of the “Aam Admi”. The last paragraph says it all “Failure is not an option”. I hope the same sense prevails in ur editorial colleagues @ Indian Express. They seem to miss no opportunity to slant this moment as “Mobocracy”.
    Remind that the janta has not forgotten “Vir Sanghvi”

  5. kukkumol says:

    Its the wisdom of senior members of parliament that prevailed to day to reach the Standing Committee who are entitled to include in the main personality of the presented Bill, the knowledgeable / scholastic people, the NGOs, the best principles of laws from other countries and so on. The Bill is finally shaped and recommended to Parliament for their voting to approval as per democratic / Republic laws. All the fetish debates inside and outside went unheard due to lack of anchoring of information on law making constitutes.

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