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Naidu changes his profile pic

By T S Sudhir The last time I remember seeing Chandrababu Naidu in a white dhoti was soon after he survived the assassination attempt at Tirupati in October 2003. For several days at end, as the country’s VIPs and non-VIPs … Continue reading

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My twitter commentary team rocks

By T S Sudhir “Twitter is a stadium every night these days,” tweeted Surekha Pillai last night when Chennai and Bangalore clashed in the finals of the Indian Premier League. Indeed and mercifully so. Who would want to listen to … Continue reading

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`The Train’ has arrived, don’t buy a ticket

By T S Sudhir The headline of this blog pretty much says what’s on my mind. I would rate Mammootty’s `The Train’ that released yesterday, as one of the most difficult Malayalam films I have seen till date. Difficult because … Continue reading

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India’s Gambhir issue

By T S Sudhir 2G radiation has hit Indian cricket and before you say “I told you so”, let me clarify it has nothing to do with Sharad Pawar. The 2G in this case, Gautam Gambhir whose presence in the … Continue reading

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`Crack’-ing IIT. And life?

By Uma Sudhir I didn’t quite know how to react, so I was smiling. The father of the boy who had stood fourth in the IIT-JEE merit list was saying, he and his son were disappointed. All mock exams and … Continue reading

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Farmers as `criminals’

By Uma Sudhir After a much embarrassed CBI had to remove a list of most wanted fugitives released by it a few days back, owing to grave errors, a bank in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh has put up the … Continue reading

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Meet the IIT toppers

By Uma Sudhir The wait is over. It IIT entrance results are out. NDTV met the toppers and here is what they had to say about their future dreams. (video of the live interview)

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