You are being watched

By T S Sudhir


(A shoplifter caught in the act on CCTV)

This video posted by Sarvamangala Chavali, the proprietor of Anagha, a boutique in Hyderabad, shows the lady stealing a green colour dupatta and walking out as if nothing happened. A professional thief or a regular kleptomaniac, you would wonder. What’s worse is that this is the second incident in a week at Anagha (which means `beautiful’ in Sanskrit), which makes one wonder if the customers who visit Anagha, just can’t resist flicking one of those gorgeous ones.

Now watch this CCTV footage of June 24 where the lady called Karuna could not get away with the saree she had flicked because the security beepers went off at the exit. Followed by the woman expressing ignorance how the saree got into her bag. Clearly her hands didn’t know what her brain was thinking. (The dupatta in the other case had no security tags)


(CCTV footage of June 24)
Sarvamangala says the incidents shatter the trust she has always had in her customers. And says loud and clear that the customer is neither king nor queen all the time. He or she could also be a thief. The solution, I guess, is to put notices that say it loud and clear that `You are being watched’ and `the shop is under electronic survellience’.

But then let’s not overdo installing spy cameras everything. For not that all those who instal CCTVs are above board. Check youtube and you will find hundreds of videos of hidden cameras installed in cyber cafe cubicles where couples indulging in making out on the sly are shot and then circulated on the net as soft porn.

It can also be invasive, as I discovered, though in a funny manner recently. I was at a restaurant, where the manager is a friend, for a business meeting. Midway through the meeting, I got a call from him, asking if I and my guests would like to move to the business centre instead. And when I asked him stupidly how did he know I was there, he replied “Boss, I can see you.”

Big Brother was even watching what we ordered for snacks. Soon came another call.

“Why are you eating only paneer tikkas, Sudhir? Our chef makes lovely koftas, do try that out.”

I haven’t ventured to the restaurant again !


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Uma Sudhir and T S Sudhir are senior journalists, based in Hyderabad. Both work for NDTV. Uma is a Tamilian, who was educated in
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One Response to You are being watched

  1. gjnanaswarup says:

    These are benign insinuations.The main internet provider once alerted me about my political profile and asked me to be careful . Sudheer also is watched like I am watched by something related to wordpress.

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