Karnataka’s tragic-comic hero

By T S Sudhir

Call him star struck or plain eccentric, B S Yeddyurappa took his obsession with Gods, stars and the almanac to a different level. All through his innings as chief minister of Karnataka, Yeddy interpreted the `God’s work is Government’s work’ line that is embossed at the entrance to the Vidhana Soudha in Bangalore, quite literally. One must give credit to his hardworking persona that despite praying regularly to the 330 million Gods in the Hindu pantheon, he found time to focus on the lands and mines of Karnataka as well.

Politicians usually consult astrologers on when to assume office. Yeddy looking heavenwards to choose the time of departure is an interesting first. Of course, he is not going anywhere. The powerful Lingayat leader will breathe down the neck of whoever succeeds him as chief minister, hoping to be a Deve Gowda to a J H Patel.

I remember covering the election results in Bangalore in May 2008 when the BJP just about scraped past the half-way mark. That Yeddyurappa will be CM was never in doubt but even on day one, no one was willing to give him a full five years in power. His short temper will do him in, was the refrain. I wonder if Yeddy knew that as well which is why he was in a hurry to make the most of his time in the CMO.

Yeddy is a family man. Just like all politicians in India are. If the Lokayukta’s exhaustive report is anything to go by, he allowed his DNA to mine-d its business, clearly believing in the dictum that the family that mines together, stays together in Mauritius on a vacation.

The mistake we are however, making is to go for Yeddyurappa’s jugular as if he is only Mr Unclean in public life today. There are many others in similar starched whites who have been molesting the system but have gotten away because they `manage’ better. Yes, an example must be made of the high and mighty brought to book but if the optimistic view is that a new man in Karnataka would clean the stables, it is living in a fool’s paradise. Governments today are run by vested corporate lobbies, who through their tentacles that run deep in the corridors of power and the media, control the levers of administration. In most states, the contractor-turned-politician and the goonda-turned-politician has learnt that a mid career switch into politics is the best way to guard against a midlife crisis with the law.

Coming back to Yeddy, the man has hogged the headlines for over two weeks now with his kabha haan kabha naa on his resignation. My humble plea is that the next time Yeddyurappa is given any post in the BJP or the government, the party should take an undated resignation letter from him in advance. The country will be glad to miss his Shakespearean `to go or not to go’ act.






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Uma Sudhir and T S Sudhir are senior journalists, based in Hyderabad. Both work for NDTV. Uma is a Tamilian, who was educated in
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6 Responses to Karnataka’s tragic-comic hero


    Very humorous and apt. I am very lucky to discover this website.

  2. Prasanna says:

    I think entire media is pro-congress whether its in Ruling or in opposition. There are mining barons in Cong from M.Y.Ghorpade who has been mining at Sandur Bellary Dist for both Iron and Manganese. Dharam Singh, S.M.Krishna (Proxy) and all these 64 years since independence its only Cong or JP has been in power. Its only the 1st time that BJP has come to power. From Day-1 either the governor has been behind to dislodge the govt or the opposition has been bribing the independents or 1st time MLAs. Why was media never interested to find out the nexus then. BJP may never be a gentleman’s party but never one can be a gentleman against a rogue.

    I think Media is fed very well by Cong to sustain the hardtime.

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