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Should we name India’s 29th state as `Sonia Telangana’?

By T S Sudhir If senior Congress leader P Shankar Rao has his way, an employee working at Hyderabad airport would in the near future mention his address as : `Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Shamshabad, Sonia Telangana state’. Taking sycophancy … Continue reading

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The mask is off Tarun Tejpal, exults Bangaru Laxman

By T S Sudhir He was felled by an undercover sting operation, carried out by Tehelka in 2001. Twelve years later, Bangaru Laxman cannot even stand and needs to move around on a wheelchair. Forced to resign as BJP president … Continue reading

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Not easy to judge

By Uma Sudhir I am sure for most people around the country it was a similar experience. I had been restless, with knots of nervousness in my tummy all morning, waiting for the verdict. And when it came, it only made me … Continue reading

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Congress-TRS merger will not be a cakewalk

By T S Sudhir “It will be the first time that instead of cutting a cake on a birthday, the Congress plans to cut a state on Sonia Gandhi’s birthday on December 9.” This was the acerbic comment from a … Continue reading

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From Media God to Rogue?

By T S Sudhir (Twitter handle : @Iamtssudhir) Over the last three days, a lot of forest cover and airtime has been exhausted in condemning Tarun Tejpal, Shoma Chaudhary, Tehelka and along with that, the Indian media. Twitter has played … Continue reading

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After praise from Modi, mosquitoes to join BJP

By Tenali Rama Nearly 8400 mosquitoes from the Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh have decided to join the BJP after its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi publicly thanked them for biting Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi during his visit in … Continue reading

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When NASA landed in Crater Hyderabad

By Tenali Rama   Is it an UFO? Or is it a set created for Krrish 4, wondered people in this southern city of India. An inter-planetary probe, launched by NASA to study the formation and structure of craters in … Continue reading

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