`Arrogant’ Congress loses the plot

tss at lbBy T S Sudhir

Corruption. Price rise. Poor governance. Paucity of ideas. Anti-incumbency. Safety of women.
Several reasons are being thrown about to explain why the Congress ship has been wrecked by the BJP (and also by the Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi) in these state polls. I however put it down to one word : ARROGANCE
I guess power does that to you, despite the Congress president telling her son and party vice-president that power is poison. Their arrogance came to the fore in the manner in which they rubbished AAP. Chief minister Sheila Dikshit mocked and asked on a news channel, “Who is AAP? Can you call them a party? One man has come from Ghaziabad and is sweeping the streets of Delhi.”
On another channel today, an AAP activist spoke eloquently about how when the party came into existence, the Congress used to denigrate AAP and ask what its `aukaad’ (stature) is. He was emotional as he articulated how AAP had indeed shown its `aukaad’ today. 
Last year, a journalist from China told me when we were covering the American presidential elections how lucky Indians were to live in a democracy. On a day like today, you realise how true that is. How the true power of every individual vote can humble political giants so much so that when asked if the Congress failed to read the mood of the public, Dikshit replied caustically : “Bewakook hain na hum”. (We are fools).
The Congress has indeed been living in a fool’s paradise all along. That the right to rule is theirs. Today’s verdict is not so much about the BJP as it is about the people of India, in these four states. Who have told the Congress that Delhi leaders parachuted into Madhya Pradesh a few months before elections will not work. They have rejected the `We sent money from Delhi to you people’ line that the likes of Rahul Gandhi say at every public meeting, reinforcing the ruler-subject equation. They have turned down the sops announced at the last minute to attract votes in Rajasthan. They have also sent a terse message to Raman Singh that corruption in his regime and Maoist terror are concerns with them.
If the Congress wants to still play with the same eleven that will include rootless politicians like Digvijay Singh (loses three elections in a row from home state of Madhya Pradesh) and Ahmed Patel (Congress is a gone case in his Gujarat), good luck to them for 2014. They will need a lot of it as by all indications, the Congress is hardly in good form now. 

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Uma Sudhir and T S Sudhir are senior journalists, based in Hyderabad. Both work for NDTV. Uma is a Tamilian, who was educated in
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2 Responses to `Arrogant’ Congress loses the plot

  1. Hemen Parekh says:

    Unconditional Support ?

    To form a government in Delhi , both BJP and Congress have offered AAP , an Unconditional Support

    Arvind Kejriwal is asking ,

    ” For how long ? 3 weeks or 3 months ? ”

    He cannot forget what those parties did to destroy the ” India Against Corruption ” movement in the Ramlila grounds in 2011

    So he has asked Sonia Gandhi and Rajnath Singh ,

    ” Forget about ‘ giving ‘ un-asked for unconditional support

    But since you have been so magnanimous , here are my 18 conditions for
    ‘ taking ‘ your support

    Do you accept these conditions ? ”

    Sonia and Rajnath are silent !

    They don’t like being exposed !

    A Congress spokesman even said on TV channel last evening ,

    ” Most of what AAP proposes , require mere administrative decisions .
    Our support does not come in picture ”

    A BJP stalwart said,

    ” How can there be any government without a strong opposition ?
    Of course , we will oppose you whenever we disagree with you .
    How can we tell you now , which of your 18 conditions , we will
    oppose – and when ?
    When time comes , we will get a signal from our high command ”

    As Arvind knows too well , both BJP and Congress will simply wait for the very first opportunity to pull the rug from under the feet of AAP

    Irrespective of who introduces a ” No – Confidence ” motion in Delhi Assembly , each will give the other , an ” Unconditional Support ” !

    It is a pity , no TV anchor is asking them :

    Madam / Sir ,

    Does your unconditional support mean , you will decide ,

    > Who will introduce a no-confidence motion and when ?
    > Who will ask the LG , to recommend President’s Rule and when ?
    > Who will take the credit to discredit AAP , and when ?
    > Who will brag to Delhi-ites, ” We had told you AAP cannot perform ” ?

    But people of Delhi are asking following questions ( no doubt inconvenient to BJP / Congress ) ,

    > If unconditional support only means , mere postponement of the re-
    poll , why not get over with it , right now ?
    > What is game-plan of Congress / BJP ?
    > How can we put an end to this absurdity called ” Support ” ?
    > Isn’t it time to give 50 seats to AAP in re-poll ?

    * hemen parekh ( 15 Dec 2013 / Mumbai )

  2. Hemen Parekh says:

    How long ?

    It is no more a question ,

    ” Will AAP form a government in Delhi ? ”

    Over the past 10 days , people of Delhi have decided that

    Question will be ,

    ” How long will that government last ? ”

    My guess :

    It will last until after the 2014 national elections

    Neither Congress , nor BJP want to run the risk of a re-poll in Delhi

    They know that they will get wiped out in case of a re-poll

    But one thing is certain

    Despite its desire to keep BJP out of power in Delhi by propping up AAP , Congress will withdraw its ” outside support ‘ , if pushed to the wall by AAP

    That would depend on what are AAP’s priorities , viz:

    > Deliver on its promises of ” pro-poor ” reforms ( water / power / prices )


    > Launch a barrage of ” anti – congress ” / ” anti-corruption ” investigations

    Any attempt to embarrass / humiliate Congress , at this stage, will backfire !

    If that happens , Congress will not hesitate for a re-poll ,- come what may !

    The questions that AAP leaders must debate this morning , are :

    > Can we fulfill our promises to people without getting uninterrupted 6
    months to perform ?

    > What is more important in the short – term from viewpoint of Delhi-ites ?

    > If we do not get next 6 months to carry out our reforms , can we make
    a meaningful impact on 760 million voters in 2014 ?

    > If Congress withdraws its outside support after 2 months , will BJP come
    forward to support or will they gloat , ” We had told you AAP can’t last ”

    > What will we achieve by focusing on past corrupt deeds of Congress ?
    People already know about these . How will exposing these deeds help
    people right now ?

    > Should not our TOP-MOST priority be to offer good governance ?

    > Can we not leave this matter ( of past corrupt deeds ) to Jan-lokpal
    and the judiciary ?

    Dear Arvind ,

    If you have learned your ” Game Theory ” ( John Nash ) well at IIT , you are expected to be a ” Rational Player ” , whose sole focus is ,

    ” Forget about the dis-advantages of the opponent ( in this case , discomfiture of Congress ) . That is NOT the winning strategy

    What move will secure AAP’s long-term advantage ? ”

    I am not asking you to compromise with your principles

    Just get your priority right !

    * hemen parekh ( 23 Dec 2013 / Mumbai )

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