Why Sonia must act against Kiran

uma dp
By Uma Sudhir
After the Union cabinet finally approved the AP Reorganisation Bill on forming India’s 29th state of Telangana, it is expected to go to the President and then to Parliament.
Political analysts have criticised the Congress for poor party management, so much so that it allowed its own chief minister to do an Arvind Kejriwal, sitting on dharna, right in the capital city, cocking a snook at the party leadership. While that show of defiance and standing up against the Congress leadership, as also repeated obstruction by its own party MPs in Parliament, are seen to have reflected poorly on the image of the party.
So will the party leadership act against Kiran Kumar Reddy at this stage? At least to silence the sarcastic jibes from the BJP, who have told the Congress to first put its own house in order? Does disciplinary action against Kiran Kumar Reddy help the Congress in any way, when the damage that he can do, is already done? Why would a party thats fire-fighting on many fronts, want to open yet another front?
Sources close to the chief minister have said Kiran Kumar Reddy may not step down at least till the Bill is presented in Parliament. Of course, he has already publicly declared that he will not oversee bifurcation of the state, sitting in the chief minister’s chair. So if the Bill goes through, as planned by the UPA, his days would anyways be numbered.
If the UPA decides to suspend or remove him, they cannot elevate the deputy chief minister Damodar Rajanarasimha, who is from Telangana, as that would not go down well with the Seemandhra leaders. So one of the choices could be PCC chief Botsa Satyanarayana, who is seen as acceptable to Telangana too.
Either ways, the more the chief minister is seen as a rebel and distanced from the Congress, the better it is for the party politically. Kiran Kumar Reddy may or may not launch his own political party. He may or may not get hordes of Seemandhra congress leaders joining him. But a new party would give disheartened Seemandhra leaders a new identity and poll symbol with which to go to the people, at a time when the Congress is far from popular among the people of Seemandhra. So while being away from the Congress, Kiran would help the party keep real political opponents, Chandrababu Naidu and Jaganmohan Reddy in check in Seemandhra.
In Telangana, Sonia Gandhi will be tom-tomed as the leader who gave Telangana (if the Bill goes through) or at least tried her very best to (if the Bill doesn’t go through, the BJP can be painted the villain). So the Congress can most certainly hope to make electoral gains, as many analysts and surveys have suggested.
Incidentally, the Congress leadership had remembered that they had made a promise to give a separate state of Telangana, at a time when they had already lost their popular leader Y S Rajasekhara Reddy, his son had emerged as a big challenge to the party and the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (which won only 10 assembly and two Lok Sabha seats in 2009) had re-emerged as a political force. The promise of Telangana had served the purpose of putting a check on Jaganmohan Reddy, who is now virtually restricted to the Seemandhra region. The Telugu Desam, with cadre in both regions, was put in a quandary. Besides, the Congress has become the big brother in the relationship with the TRS in Telangana. So, isn’t the Telangana `mess’ actually a win-win for the Congress?
Kiran Kumar Reddy has actually been a very reluctant rebel. Every time he questions the decision to bifurcate Andhra pradesh, in the same breath,he never fails to reiterate that he always wants to be a loyal congressman. So at an opportune time in the future, the window is always open for the ‘rebel loyalist’ to return home.

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Uma Sudhir and T S Sudhir are senior journalists, based in Hyderabad. Both work for NDTV. Uma is a Tamilian, who was educated in
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3 Responses to Why Sonia must act against Kiran

  1. Yesbee says:

    ‘REBEL LOYALIST’ Wondereful coining..

  2. Dear Sudhir! I respect freedom of Press and admire your professional commitment .But ever since the eruption of the Seemandhra agitation,I am sorry to state that your write-ups appear to be totally against the accursed lot, who are the common people called the Seemandhra people, who feel as of now as if they are all afflicted with a dangerous disease. They are deeply worried about the loss of Hyderabad,a City built-up with their blood,tears and sweat.As you must be knowing, an unwanted bifurcation is going to be thrust upon them sooner or later.As you know very well,these things will NOT be allowed to happen in other States like Tamil Nadu,Kerala and Karnataka.In fact you know how a Prime Minister was prevented form going on official tour to attend to an International Conference in Sri Lanka recently because that Island Nation violated human rights against the Tamils in that country.Then right from a Central Minister like Chidambaram down to the level of a common man in Tamil Nadu raised a hue and cry and ,made the P.M. to cancel the trip.But unfortunately in Seemandhra though an unwanted bifurcation is being thrust upon the people of the Region,there is neither sympathy nor solace even from the so-called impartial Journalists like you! We have to just curse our own Seemandhra area’s politicians for all this mess.How cheap we have become before the world! I am very very sorry.Really I am very much upset about today’s Heading of your write-up “Why Sonia must act Kiran?” I have no love lost for Kiran Reddy but do you expect Sonia to act against him because he supported the cause of the people of the Seemandhra Region (though to meet his selfish ends or otherwise)? Does it not amount to further humiliating indirectly the Seemandhra people by Journalists like you? Please ponder over….Perhaps you are likely to suggest “Why Sonia must further humiliate the entire Seemandhra people? during your next write-up.

  3. vinay says:

    disciplinary action should be taken against all those seemandhra leaders who are stoking imaginary fears in andhra region , they are scared that might loose their benami properties in telangana , and thts the reason they are upping their ante against cong high command

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