Should KCR have a party in the family?

By T S Sudhir
Telangana Rashtra Samiti chief K Chandrasekhar Rao will contest this election from Gajwel assembly constituency. In addition, he will contest from Medak Lok Sabha seat. Son K T Rama Rao will contest from Sircilla assembly constituency while nephew Harish Rao will fight from Siddipet. Daughter Kavitha will make her political debut from Nizamabad Lok Sabha constituency. No wonder, KCR is being accused of converting the TRS into a family affair. But he and his family says there is nothing wrong with it.
While KCR said he and his family have made sacrifices for the cause of Telangana, Kavitha says, “If TRS as a party sees an advantage in winning a seat, I don’t think there is anything wrong. Also our family should make sure to ensure that it will not be a family-led party, there will be a democratic process and give opportunity to every section of society.”
kcr family
Even though the TRS politburo is filled up with several leaders from outside KCR’s family, everyone knows where the buck stops. Though senior leaders like Kesava Rao and Kadiam Srihari are the BC and SC face of the TRS, the real power is wielded by the first family. In poll season, when there is a clamour for TRS tickets to fight the election, KCR’s decision to prefer his DNA, has given a handle to his critics. Especially when there has been a demand from family members of those who committed suicide for the cause of Telangana for tickets to fight the election. 
“Shouldn’t KCR have given them some tickets,” asks Shabbir Ali, Chairman, Telangana Congress Campaign Committee. “If a doctor’s son becomes a doctor or a leader’s son becomes a leader, no harm for one ticket. But if so many people from one family get into politics, people are bound to ask, what is your contribution.”
Even KCR’s thanksgiving trip to Sonia Gandhi’s residence after the Telangana bill was passed, with his entire family in tow, has invited sniggers. Given that an alliance with the TRS is not happening, the Congress has sharpened its attack on KCR, predicting that if he comes to power, he will reduce his cabinet to a kitchen cabinet. 
Not that the Congress is faring any better. Several leaders of the Telangana Congress including PCC chief P Laxmaiah and former Deputy CM Damodar Rajanarasimha are lobbying for tickets for their kith and kin.

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