August 19, the day Telangana will be under `house arrest’

By T S Sudhir
“Don’t spread rumours and panic,” K Chandrasekhar Rao gently admonished the media, asking them not to do anything to dissuade people of Telangana from taking part in the August 19 intensive household survey. (Read previous blog by T S Sudhir here)
On his part, the Telangana chief minister is leaving nothing to chance. Short of calling it house arrest, the government won’t make it easy for you to stir out of home. No bus, no auto will ply in the ten districts of the state, all government and private offices will be closed. So will be commercial establishments and educational institutions. Four crore Telanganites have been asked to be at home.
My colleague, a native of Telangana has a genuine concern and something that reflects the doubts over data privacy. “Should I declare my property details or not? If I do not declare the land I have in my village, isn’t it quite possible that it will be grabbed and because I did not declare it in the survey, the government of Telangana will tell me it is no longer yours,” is his dilemma. 
Though the column that would have revealed nativity has now been removed, after much public outrage, doubts persist that identifying the settlers (people from Andhra Pradesh) in Telangana is the prime objective. But fear not, because that cannot be identified with this survey. The Telugu Desam is however, doing its bit of mischief by leaking a video of someone who is identified as the PRO to the Telangana CM, who makes outrageous claims that settlers will be thrown out of Telangana after this survey.
The Telangana government has now said that taking part in the survey is optional and KCR has also clarified that revealing bank account numbers is optional. But what about lakhs of people, who fear they will be targeted if they do not reveal all information. Plus there is no guarantee of data privacy. When an unauthorised employee in the bank where you hold an account can unethically peep into your bank account and ask you the reason you have parked your funds there and suggest other financial options, where is the guarantee that only a few officers in responsible positions will have access to personal information about you.
Defenders of the Telangana government argue why this outrage was not there when Aadhaar demanded your bank account number. It wasn’t there for the simple reason that there was a clear linkage that was sought to be established between LPG reimbursement and Aadhaar card. The TRS government so far at least, has not spoken about any such financial linkage. Also if that was indeed the reason to demand bank account number, one account number would have sufficed, why ask for all of them. No one in the establishment has answered these queries satisfactorily.
P.S. The next time, you get a telemarketing call, asking you if you will like to buy a second AC, since you have only one, you know where they have got that info from. Or if you get a telemarketing call, suggesting better quality food for your dog, you know you are barking up the right tree.

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Uma Sudhir and T S Sudhir are senior journalists, based in Hyderabad. Both work for NDTV. Uma is a Tamilian, who was educated in
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3 Responses to August 19, the day Telangana will be under `house arrest’

  1. Rambabu Thummala says:

    why has no one has approached the supreme court for a stay…. they should

  2. Rambabu Thummala says:

    remove one ‘has’ please…

  3. mbhagawat says:

    It is blunder by BJP to support a Congress piloted ill to bifurcate Andhra to create Telengana.Sonia wanted creation of telengana under pressures from muslims to create a Muslim hegemony on the new satte.It is well known that Hyderabad is in the middle of the area and Hyderabad was a Muslim state before its amalgamation with india in 1948.Nizam wanted to create a Pakistan within India.He was supported by his rajakars who caused mayhem in the state and massacred Hindus in Hyderabad.Now all Rajakars are united and created a New outfit MIM in Hyderabad and the muslim majority area of Hyderabad elected Muslim hardliners fanatics rajakars Assad Owaisi as MP and Akbar Owaisi as MLA.Now it is proved that Telengana wanted to declare independence from India.kavita Rao declared in her speech that J&K and Telengana were never Indian states.It proved my apprehension right.Assad Owaisi in his tweets strongly objected the letter by HMO to give all powers of Hyderabad law & order with governor. Hyderabad will be a thorn in NDA flesh.At last army have to be sent to recapture Hyderabad from Rajakars as happened in 1948.It is my warning to all nationalist and Patriots.Modi has blundered by supporting the Bill and he himself told in a meeting that Hyderbad sitting on a time bomb.

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