About Uma and Sudhir


Uma Sudhir and T S Sudhir are senior journalists, based in Hyderabad. The cornerstone of the journalism they practise are – being fair, a high degree of integrity and honesty, speaking the truth without fear and being strictly neutral, while standing up and appreciating the positives in the world around us. 

Uma who works for NDTV as Resident Editor, is a Tamilian, educated in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi. An award-winning print and television journalist, Uma’s passion is reporting and writing on issues related to development, gender, education, agriculture, health, politics and environment.

uma swamy award

uma laadli award

laadli 1

Sudhir, born in Palakkad (Kerala) has spent all his life in Delhi and Hyderabad. He had a long stint at NDTV (for 16 years from February 1995-May 2011), where he was Resident Editor (South) when he quit. He took a two-year sabbatical to write badminton player Saina Nehwal’s biography and to devote more time to writing and explore the digital space. In June 2013, Sudhir joined the TV Today Network as Editor (South India) and now reports for Headlines Today, Aajtak and India Today magazine and website. His report from Mangalore ahead of the Karnataka elections won the best TV documentary award at the Indian Television Academy awards in October 2013. His work on the Telangana developments won him the best continuing coverage award at the ENBA 2014. He was also awarded the Best Political Journalist of the Year 2013 in the India Today Group.

tss book launch

ita award

group book launch

tss with kiran award

Sudhir also donned the role of Tenali Rama, for a satirical take on the news developments on this blogsite. 

Sudhir is a Chevening scholar from Cardiff, UK in 2001 and also worked in print media before moving to television.

Both Uma and Sudhir have travelled extensively. They have a ten-year-old daughter, Tejaswini.

You can reach them at umasudhir40@gmail.com

Please do post your comments to let us know what you think of the blogs. You can also subscribe to the blogsite to receive regular updates.


58 Responses to About Uma and Sudhir

  1. Harsha says:

    U guys are really doing a nice work.. I appreciate you. May God be with for doing this kind of Good work.


    • prasad says:

      Sure.All the best!

      By the by, can anyone give statement on Telangana Survey what is the objective and how authentic it is and the privacy of details etc;Still i am unable to understand


  2. Rupa says:

    I wish u both lots of success…..GBU ppl…keep smilin alwys 🙂

  3. Serenity Stupidity says:

    Dear Tss & Uma,

    Congrats once again, approaching 1st Anniversary of Y(our) blog, on Sept. 22.

    Starting from “Bharat to India”, “We”, have had a remarkable travel.

    May “Our Take”, keep going,

  4. thanks bhargav for your good wishes always …

  5. Uzzal says:

    Hi, Thanks for educating us……….

  6. Ganesh Vaidyanathan says:

    Wow Sudhir – congratulations to both of you on completing a year of your blog.

  7. Hi, nice to meet you !

    • dr gopal lal das says:

      Being a doctor,I am really pleased to know about you all.I shall be fortunate if I get an opportunity to meet you.

  8. sai kishore says:

    @uma,ts sudhir

    Really,u’re doing a great job!!!
    keep it up. Ur blog is of great help for us to keep abreast of current and hot news.


  9. Kannan Sundaram says:

    It was great watching Uma on NDTV with policemen’s wives and children, policemen abducted by Maoists at Chattisgarh. I did not know about the blog till a facebook friend informed me and gave me a link.
    Both of you are doing a great job. and it was interesting going through several of the recent postings of Uma and Sudhir.

  10. shivakumar j.s says:

    great to know you thro your blogs.in the current times of sensational journalism you stand out by just adhering to your dharma.

  11. Nalini Shivkumar says:

    You are a great couple! Go ahead and make your mark and give me your autograph.

  12. Yorgos says:

    It was great watching Uma on NDTV with policemen’s wives and children, policemen abducted by Maoists at Chattisgarh. I did not know about the blog till a facebook friend informed me and gave me a link.Both of you are doing a great job. and it was interesting going through several of the recent postings of Uma and Sudhir.KannanMumbai

  13. Dear Mr. Sdhir and Uma, I saw your blog and became very happy to know about your talents/qualification . wish you a happy and prosperous life . I wish a bright future to Tajeswani.

  14. suryanarayana.s says:

    Madam Uma,
    This is S.SUryanarayana,who was with Gannon dunkerley&co.Ltd,which was in sapthagiri towers ,7 th floor.
    I talked with you many times.Now i am in vizag,along with my wife.As you are aware my elderson is a professor in USA,and second in KPMG.
    All the best to you,and Mr.Sudhir,after all i am elder.

  15. sivakumar says:

    It’s nice reading your witty blogs. Leaves a pleasant feeling. By, the way, Uma M’am, if you remember we had spoken a couple of months ago at the Chennai airport whilst retrieving our luggage from the belt. Good luck

  16. Hi Uma and TS,

    I have long been an admirer of both of you on NDTV. I usually stop doing whatever I am doing,when I see you guys on NDTV reporting. It is quite a tough thing to be a journalist in this day and age of so many TV channels, so many online forums and other alternate media. But, I must congratulate you for your long lasting career and managing to carve a name for yourselves as leading journalists from south India.

    Keep going,guys. You rock! And if I may say so, you have been 2 principal pillars for NDTV’s brilliant success in the country in the last 21 years (ever since Sachin made his debut, that is!!).

    Cheers, Arun

  17. You are a great couple! Go ahead and make your mark and give me your autograph

  18. phantom363 says:

    a new fan coming on board 🙂 good stuff. enjoy your blogs..

  19. m.satyaramgopal says:

    Its great to see journalist couple looking at the problems of the society, even in this materialistic world where every body is in pursuit of money. congratulations to both of you and u website would be of great help to this society.

  20. Raj Lall says:

    Dear Uma

    I came across your story about bonded labor of Ramu and Shekhar due to there father’s suicide on NDTV.com

    I would like to help. Could you please reconfirm the bank account information that you posted with the story. I want to make sure that information is correct and the money ends up in the right hands.

    Kind regards


  21. krishnakanth says:

    SIr, congrats for the book on Saina Nehwal’s Biography.

  22. Deepak says:

    Hello Sir & Madam,Its been very late to be here… and according to be u both are the pillars of Hyderabad, covering every story with unique updates… @ Sudhir Now following your stories in ‘The South Reports’ and @Uma’s as usually in NDTV.Even I am not into Journalism,I like the way you Cover..



  23. siddharth pandey says:

    today read ur blog and its nice ur doing good job

  24. Badminton is my beat and I found you book interesting. Thank you.

  25. Nikunj says:

    Mrs. Uma bharti I have only one thing to tell you. I love your voice and coupled with that beautiful tamilian accent it makes it even more soothing to the ear. I have watched your work in seemandhra closely. U were truly fantastic. All the best to you and your husband!

  26. Sravan says:

    u both are made for each other..I wish u both deliver the true insights of our country and enlighten us..

    Best Regards,

  27. Thank you for the coverage of telangana formation in headlines today. I appreciate focus and even handed ness in your reporting the aspirations of telengana.

  28. Anil Kashyap says:

    Uma and Sudhir,

    Very Hectic Profession How do you manage it all.
    Hard work does reflect in your work. Please keep it up, both of you.

    Best Regards,
    Anil Kashyap, Nanjing, China

  29. Mukunth says:

    I saw your news report on NDTV on the farmer’s son Mr Vamshi and wanted to help him. Please let me know the contact details.

  30. sanjeev says:

    Hi Uma

    I read one piece of news covered by you on a farmer’s death in Telangana.


    I want to help this child finish his education. Is it possible to connect with his school, family. I couldn’t find you email address…hence leaving a comment here.

    Thanks and regards

  31. kishore reddy polu says:

    I have seen many of your articles, they are impressive and nicely written. I don’t find any bias in your articles which is the good point here. I have seen some other blogs as well but some are so much biased. Anyway thanks for good posts. Are you writing for any newspaper apart from this blog? if yes please let me know. Thanks you.

  32. kishore reddy polu says:

    Sir, If you don’t mind, why don’t you write articles on-how to change the vote bank politics-caste, religion based politics etc in Seemandhra + how to uplift backward sections of society like OBc, Sc, ST etc+ policies for them + and making them as part of mainstream development and society. I, kishore reddy, from nellore preparing for IAS exam and i am very much interested in these issues and in fact i like your articles in this bog.Thanks.

  33. RAKESH MUSCAT says:

    dear uma,
    can you pls share the link or let me know how to view the documentary you did about m poorna and her school etc., it was very nice and i want my family to see it,hence the request.

  34. Vikramdev Rao says:

    I really appreciate the manner in which Sudhir interviews persons. He gives them an opportunity to speak without trying to force them in a particular direction. Some of the other anchors tend to interrupt constantly without the interviewee being allowed to give their point of view. Keep up the good work Sudhir.

  35. Shyamsunder P says:

    Nice job Uma . I saw the shameful ,thuggish behavior of some elements when you were covering the CMs trial .
    All the best


  36. Jayarama Krishna says:

    Both of them are doing a great job. I appreciate their efforts. They have got an indomitable spirit with a difference which differentiates them from the rest.May god bless them.

  37. Venkatram Bachoti says:

    Dear Uma and Sudhir,

    Please accept my compliments for your good work with no-frills, ‘as a matter of fact’ reporting. I have been watching your reports on farmer suicides and have after a degree of contemplation decided to plunge in to bail out atleast a farmer’s family that he left behind especially one that left his children vulnerable to exploitation as bonded labour, due to their inability to repay the debts their father incurred. I along with some like minded friends and colleagues intend to pool up self-earned money to bring a positive change in someone’s life. Would appreciate your direction and good advice in this regard. Many thanks in advance and for the reportage, without which the thought of bailing out a farmer’s family in misery wouldn’t have occured.

    By the way, the photograph with yourself and Sudhir on the temple steps is so impressive.
    May happiness, health and prosperity be yours forever.

  38. jayadev says:

    Both of you posess sweet smile and seem to enjoy your work. Uma Sudhir I always liked her TV presents and for her smile.

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