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Stories of individual courage

She would have been Mother India

By Uma Sudhir Some news reports make you feel ashamed and guilty, wrench at your heart. And leave you wondering how any of this is going to change. From where do we begin. A 12-year-old child committed suicide in Warangal … Continue reading

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Why an AAP candidate’s involvement in a rape story gives me hope

By Uma Sudhir I have not been a voter in Delhi for several years now but if I were, no secret in whose favour I would press the EVM button. For all the hope-peaked-into-disappointment Anna story, tales about how very `aam’ … Continue reading

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Burra na mano, aaj Holi hai

(Written on Holi of 2011) By T S Sudhir I just finished reading Chetan Bhagat’s 2009 book `2 States’. He begins with a disclaimer that he loves south Indians. I too start off with the disclaimer that I love north … Continue reading

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The birth companion

By Uma Sudhir   Childbirth can be an intensely painful, scary and lonely. Having someone who cares by your side in those difficult moments can transform that experience. Realising that, the Tamil Nadu government started allowing a birth companion to … Continue reading

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Hyderabad’s bride bazaar

By Uma Sudhir The Old city area of Hyderabad seems to be once again turning into a bride bazaar, this time not for old Arab Sheiks, but students from North Africa who are reportedly getting into contract marriages to use … Continue reading

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You are being watched

By T S Sudhir   (A shoplifter caught in the act on CCTV)   This video posted by Sarvamangala Chavali, the proprietor of Anagha, a boutique in Hyderabad, shows the lady stealing a green colour dupatta and walking out as … Continue reading

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The world conspires to make it happen

By Uma Sudhir   “The world conspires to make it happen.” These words of Paul Coelho in `The Alchemist’ have always fascinated me and I have secretly hoped that they convey a philosophical truth. In the strangest of circumstances I have … Continue reading

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