Should KCR have a party in the family?

By T S Sudhir
Telangana Rashtra Samiti chief K Chandrasekhar Rao will contest this election from Gajwel assembly constituency. In addition, he will contest from Medak Lok Sabha seat. Son K T Rama Rao will contest from Sircilla assembly constituency while nephew Harish Rao will fight from Siddipet. Daughter Kavitha will make her political debut from Nizamabad Lok Sabha constituency. No wonder, KCR is being accused of converting the TRS into a family affair. But he and his family says there is nothing wrong with it.
While KCR said he and his family have made sacrifices for the cause of Telangana, Kavitha says, “If TRS as a party sees an advantage in winning a seat, I don’t think there is anything wrong. Also our family should make sure to ensure that it will not be a family-led party, there will be a democratic process and give opportunity to every section of society.”
kcr family
Even though the TRS politburo is filled up with several leaders from outside KCR’s family, everyone knows where the buck stops. Though senior leaders like Kesava Rao and Kadiam Srihari are the BC and SC face of the TRS, the real power is wielded by the first family. In poll season, when there is a clamour for TRS tickets to fight the election, KCR’s decision to prefer his DNA, has given a handle to his critics. Especially when there has been a demand from family members of those who committed suicide for the cause of Telangana for tickets to fight the election. 
“Shouldn’t KCR have given them some tickets,” asks Shabbir Ali, Chairman, Telangana Congress Campaign Committee. “If a doctor’s son becomes a doctor or a leader’s son becomes a leader, no harm for one ticket. But if so many people from one family get into politics, people are bound to ask, what is your contribution.”
Even KCR’s thanksgiving trip to Sonia Gandhi’s residence after the Telangana bill was passed, with his entire family in tow, has invited sniggers. Given that an alliance with the TRS is not happening, the Congress has sharpened its attack on KCR, predicting that if he comes to power, he will reduce his cabinet to a kitchen cabinet. 
Not that the Congress is faring any better. Several leaders of the Telangana Congress including PCC chief P Laxmaiah and former Deputy CM Damodar Rajanarasimha are lobbying for tickets for their kith and kin.

Karnataka’s tragic-comic hero

By T S Sudhir

Call him star struck or plain eccentric, B S Yeddyurappa took his obsession with Gods, stars and the almanac to a different level. All through his innings as chief minister of Karnataka, Yeddy interpreted the `God’s work is Government’s work’ line that is embossed at the entrance to the Vidhana Soudha in Bangalore, quite literally. One must give credit to his hardworking persona that despite praying regularly to the 330 million Gods in the Hindu pantheon, he found time to focus on the lands and mines of Karnataka as well.

Politicians usually consult astrologers on when to assume office. Yeddy looking heavenwards to choose the time of departure is an interesting first. Of course, he is not going anywhere. The powerful Lingayat leader will breathe down the neck of whoever succeeds him as chief minister, hoping to be a Deve Gowda to a J H Patel.

I remember covering the election results in Bangalore in May 2008 when the BJP just about scraped past the half-way mark. That Yeddyurappa will be CM was never in doubt but even on day one, no one was willing to give him a full five years in power. His short temper will do him in, was the refrain. I wonder if Yeddy knew that as well which is why he was in a hurry to make the most of his time in the CMO.

Yeddy is a family man. Just like all politicians in India are. If the Lokayukta’s exhaustive report is anything to go by, he allowed his DNA to mine-d its business, clearly believing in the dictum that the family that mines together, stays together in Mauritius on a vacation.

The mistake we are however, making is to go for Yeddyurappa’s jugular as if he is only Mr Unclean in public life today. There are many others in similar starched whites who have been molesting the system but have gotten away because they `manage’ better. Yes, an example must be made of the high and mighty brought to book but if the optimistic view is that a new man in Karnataka would clean the stables, it is living in a fool’s paradise. Governments today are run by vested corporate lobbies, who through their tentacles that run deep in the corridors of power and the media, control the levers of administration. In most states, the contractor-turned-politician and the goonda-turned-politician has learnt that a mid career switch into politics is the best way to guard against a midlife crisis with the law.

Coming back to Yeddy, the man has hogged the headlines for over two weeks now with his kabha haan kabha naa on his resignation. My humble plea is that the next time Yeddyurappa is given any post in the BJP or the government, the party should take an undated resignation letter from him in advance. The country will be glad to miss his Shakespearean `to go or not to go’ act.





Kalaignar defeats Kalaignar

By T S Sudhir

Muthuvel Karunanidhi’s forte as an ace scriptwriter was social films. The most notable among them, `Parasakthi’, starring the late Sivaji Ganesan, in 1952. That film was seen as the first attempt by the Dravidian movement to use media for propaganda. Karunanidhi’s scripts propagated the socialist and rationalist ideals of the Dravidian movement, with dollops of what was very controversial content for those times. While `Parasakthi’ criticised Brahminism, films like `Panam’ and `Thangarathnam’, written by Karunanidhi, focussed on widow remarriage, untouchability and abolition of the zamindari system.

More recently, ahead of the World Classical Tamil Conference last year, Karunanidhi penned its official theme song `Semmozhiyaana Tamizh Mozhiyaam‘, that was set to tune by A R Rahman at his request.

Today the music has gone out of Karuna’s life, with just about everything out of sync. The former chief minister who does not even qualify to be Leader of Opposition, has become the butt of jokes. Not just in Tamilnadu, but across the country. His party, that bit the dust last week in a humiliating defeat, is parodied for being the embodiment of all that is corrupt in the political system. His ministers and leaders are deemed to be blackmailers in white veshtis. His son Azhagiri is accused of having converted bribing voters into an art form, that unfortunately did not find gallery space with the voters in 2011, unlike in 2009. His two families are seen as being constantly at loggerheads, the kind that would give the family soaps on Sun TV a run for their TRPs. And his darling daughter Kanimozhi’s arrest, has been like the last nail in Karunanidhi’s political coffin.

“If you have a daughter and if she is punished for no mistake, how will you feel? That’s the way I feel,” was Dad Karunanidhi’s reaction to Kani’s journey to Tihar Jail No. 6.
Contrary to what the poll results say, it is not Jayalalitha who defeated Karunanidhi. Kalaignar defeated Kalaignar. Literally so as well, since Kalaignar TV is facing allegations of being the recipient of 214 crore rupees in kickbacks from the 2G spectrum scam.

I am told, when Sharat Kumar was chosen to head Kalaignar TV, Karunanidhi’s confidant Arcot Veeraswamy went to Sharat’s home at 3 am to tell him that Kalaignar wants to see him right away. 4 am is when Sharat was ushered into Karuna’s room where the DMK supremo blessed him and asked him to proceed with work on the channel immediately. Sharat was to confide in a friend that he wasn’t even asked nor given a choice to say yes or no. When the DMK issues a decree, no questions are to be asked.

Karuna was then a man in a hurry, eager to show his ambitious grandnephews, Kalanidhi and Dayanidhi, their place. He named the channel after himself and the logo was also the rising son. As Daya came down the echelons of power, Kani took the escalator to the corridors of influence in Delhi. With his glares on, the patriarch displayed an inability to look beyond a closed circle of family members and their loved ones.

Karunanidhi, the husband and father, defeated Karunanidhi, the DMK chief, the day he shed his socialist ideals and became a family man. When the focus of a man, walking into his sunset, becomes the content of his will, there is little willpower to spend the sunset years generating goodwill through his actions. The DMK, attracting silly jokes like `Delhi Money for Karunanidhi’, was no longer the grand Dravidian outfit that propounded the values of Periyar and Annadurai. It had got reduced to a Karunanidhi family branch.

With two sons at loggerheads over control of the state, a wife with dreams for her daughter, grandnephews who saw politics as a huge business opportunity, family members who control virtually every enterprise in Tamilnadu, Karuna’s parivaar was strangulating the average Tamilian who just wanted relief from the claustrophobia. The Tamizh voter, fed up with Jayalalithaa’s authoritarian ways, was happy to go along with Karuna in 2006 but found the family coming on too strong for anyone’s liking.

Where does Karuna go from here? People like to call him the master of the craft of politics but my guess is that his bag of tricks is now empty. He himself has said the people have given him rest, perhaps meaning, he does not intend to play an active role any longer. His family has reduced a great leader to a caricature. A man surrounded by so many relatives but deep inside, he is lonely. The man who fought all his life against friend-turned-foe M G Ramachandran and later arch rival Jayalalithaa, will unfortunately be remembered by today’s generation only for how 2G drained out his political battery.

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