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Majority resist minority

By Uma Sudhir The protests were quite loud and vocal. And no one was feeling apologetic about it. “If they want to give legal rights, reservations and benefits to homosexuals, why don’t they nominate them to the legislative council or … Continue reading

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From condemn to condom

By Uma Sudhir From condemn to condom. The Pope it would seem, has come a long way. For the first time, he has said using a condom is okay. Not just that, he has said it is in fact a … Continue reading

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After mouse, it’s mice

By T S Sudhir Lord Ganesha may not have been the inspiration when in 1995, Chandrababu Naidu chose the mouse as his hi-tech vehicle to hardsell Hyderabad. Impressed with a IT-savvy politician, the who’s who of the IT world connected … Continue reading

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