Jagan vs Congress

By T S Sudhir

The Congress is a house divided in Andhra Pradesh. YSR loyalist and pro-Jagan. YSR loyalist but anti-Jagan. Fence sitters. Calculating politicians. The Telangana lobby. The Rayalaseema group. The High command’s eyes and ears. Sleuths. All this makes for a juicy political potboiler in Andhra Pradesh, as Jagan spends ten days visiting 75 families in East Godavari district, unveiling scores of YSR statues and invokes his dad’s legacy.


(video of my story on Jagan vs Congress aired on NDTV 24×7)


About t s sudhir & uma sudhir

Uma Sudhir and T S Sudhir are senior journalists, based in Hyderabad. Both work for NDTV. Uma is a Tamilian, who was educated in
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7 Responses to Jagan vs Congress

  1. Shwetal says:

    its sad isnt it, to see how a fantastic concept like democracy can be ruined at the hands of so many puny politicians… wonder what is in store for the aam aadmi of Andhra Pradesh- other than lots of juicy gossip that will turn sour too soon and innumerable bundhs and economic slow down….

  2. Mady says:

    its sad but we who want the state to stay united cannot do anything but encourage jagan. the center’s mischief or mishandling with the state affairs has doomed the state that was on progressive path. it so clear from the people who are constantly opposing and accusing jagan for everything that happens are behind the unrest in the state. anyone with sane mind please explain to me which other leader do you trust in the present situation. jagan might be selfish but do you think what center is doing is any good. why don’t they first try and split tamil nadu, karnataka and other states which are held by the so called high command and then come to our state that has sent 33 mps which is acting as a pillar to the govt at the center. by trying to fiddle with the state of AP they are basically trying to chop the very branch they are sitting on. servers them good if at all this govt falls. I totally wish it would as soon as possible.

  3. m a asad says:

    samaskaram jagan garu if u win plz one request u have to get the domestic Air port in prakashm nagar plz my request there are so many were people unemployeed we r with u always thank Q my phone number is 04064551711 hyderbad Air Port

  4. Rajasekhar says:


    To my understanding about democracy is stated as “Of the people For the people By the people”

    But to congress in India it is “ Of the High command For the High Command By the High Command” so called the people are fools,

    It may be Y S Jagan Issue, It may Be Telangana Issue or It may be handling normalcy of the state of Andhra Pradesh nothing works. Leaders (Shankar Rao, damodar Reddy, hanumathu rao) are left to their best to make things worse.

    In Jagan issue one episode were he chooses to travel to Warangal hell broke down, I don’t understand in our Telangana leaders, why they needed to oppose him as we all know he is the most unwanted leader for HC , and we only need to impress HC for getting Telangana. But no we showed what we can do once our state is created “ransack as we wish”.

    So called HC which can make Jagan to propose Rosaih as CM, Was not able to make the floor of representatives to single decision on Telangana issue … real Petty

    I don’t understand the politics of India we only find great Party Leaders (Paper leaders) but not people leaders If at all somebody tries for becoming People leader he will be seen as only as a indiscipline leader.

    Hope Jagan makes a good decision and start a party ASAP and close the wholesale shop of Congress for ever in Andhra Pradesh…..

  5. Serenity Stupidity says:

    Hi TS, This post, proves that the The keyboard, is mightier than an AK-47. One of your smallest posts, and yet one of the most powerful commentaries on AP situation, to-date. Like Shwetal above, for the short term, I am despondent, and am looking forward to bandhs, law and order trouble and further economic derailing.

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