After praise from Modi, mosquitoes to join BJP


By Tenali Rama

Nearly 8400 mosquitoes from the Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh have decided to join the BJP after its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi publicly thanked them for biting Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi during his visit in 2009.
“I want to congratulate the mosquitoes as they had dared to bite Shehzaade (Rahul Gandhi) because no one from his family had been touched in the last hundred years,” Modi had said.
The female sarpanch of the Bundelkhand Mosquitoes Federation, Anopheles Devi told `Tenali Rama Reports’ that by praising them, Modi had effectively refuted the charge that the BJP is not an inclusive party. “Otherwise who cares about mosquitoes, tell me. We have even been projected in a poor light in Hindi films. Remember Nana Patekar’s famous dialogue, “ek macchar aadmi ko hijra bana deta hai,” she said.
When asked if the huge mosquito population in Bundelkhand was not a reflection on the poor sanitation in the region, the sarpanch said, “We are the BPL category population. We have been provided permanent housing facilities here. All praise to Shivraj Singh Chauhan.”
The mosquitoes now plan to identify Congress voters in Bundelkhand and bite them so that they are laid low with malaria on the day of polling. “Congress voters will have malaria, while BJP voters will have lovaria for the mosquitoes,” Anopheles Devi said.
The Bundelkhand Mosquitoes Federation also plans to honour the 1587 mosquitoes who bit Rahul Gandhi. “Oh it was so exciting to bite him. He kept rolling his sleeves up, exposing his arm. I hope he comes again,” said one mosquito who got to taste Rahul’s blood. The others who were travelling in other areas on the day Rahul came visiting are miffed that the Congress, in view of security considerations, did not announce Rahul’s programme in advance, thereby depriving them of an opportunity to bite as well.
Congress general secretary and former Madhya Pradesh CM Digvijay Singh has slammed the state government for not investing in fogging machines to flush out the mosquitoes. “We will ensure that all mosquitoes get an UID number as well. Then any mosquito that bites Rahulji can be identified and his or her entire family will then be denied benefits under the welfare schemes,” he said.

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  1. Totally Hilarious…too good.. 🙂

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